Captain’s Log: Stardate 10581.6
As the remnants of Hurricane Wilma (the 873rd hurricane to hit America this season) passes by our area, I’m happy to report that it looks like the Enterprise will ride out the storm just fine. Even though initial reports that Wilma will merge with Tropical Depression Alpha and then merge with the cold storm front hanging over the northeast looked like an opportunity to start filming The Perfect Storm II, it looks like it won’t be that bad. And, with winds coming from the Northeast, both Enterprise-A and B are nicely protected in the lee of City Island.

Believe me, during this morning’s root canal (what an experience) the Enterprise and her crew was all I could think about. Not to say it was really, really bad, but there was a point there where I started listing in my mind all of the places I’d rather be – Philadelphia, France and a day with Fred Cosandey all made the list.

But back to the Enterprise -- I went out there over the weekend to start winterizing the new ship by flushing pink anti-freeze (looks like Kool-Ade but doesn’t have the same sweet taste) through the three water tanks and the water system. All that’s left to do is bring it around to the boatyard and winterize the impulse drive. That will happen Saturday.

I remembered that there was a box of materials that was placed in my locker months ago, so on a whim, I decided to, for the first time, take a look at what’s there. Not only did I find manuals for the engine, the auto-pilot (SULU,) and the ship itself, I found polar diagrams – a chart that shows how the Enterprise will perform at the various wind angles, speed vs. VMG. A rare find indeed.

I’ll scan one and forward it to the crew soon, but the gist is that at 120 degrees off the wind, assuming sails are trimmed right, we should be moving safely at Warp speeds that on the last Enterprise would have had us reducing sail and scaring the living hell out of Lefty.

Armed with this information and a set of new Quantum Carbon/Twaron sails (really top of the line super-sweet stuff) it looks like next season will be a blast.

I’ll get some practice in during mid-December down in the Caribbean when I hop aboard either Stars & Stripes or True North for a race. As fast paced and fun as I’m sure it will be, I can’t wait to get back on the Enterprise with the best crew in the fleet.