Captain’s Log: Stardate 10620.3
Tomorrow evening, I will be heading back to City Island.

Another sailing seminar? No.
Moving back there? No. (Well, not yet anyway.)
Grabbing a ferry to Hart Island to dig up five John Doe’s so I can ship their rotting smelly bodies to Lefty’s home for not committing to yet another year of racing? No – and I’m shocked that you would even think of such a thing. Shame on you.

Tomorrow evening, I will be picking up our new Warp Drive engine. Today, I received a subspace message from Quantum that our new headsail, a technological wonder in the fusion of Carbon, Twaron and Dacron, is ready and that it is “a very sexy sail, it screams fast.” And if Commander Richard rips this one, it won’t be the only thing screaming.

I just hope we can live up to the sail’s reputation. Start studying up on sail trim, everyone. In the meantime, I have several seminars that I plan on attending and some work to do on the Enterprise. A work party date is coming soon – and I will need some help to install some of the deck hardware that I’ve purchased, including some new bow chocks and a little light that we’ll mount at the front of the base of the mast to light up the foredeck

The last thing we need is crew. We’re getting pretty thin (not me – losing thirty pounds was only the start.) Our leads have not panned out and it looks like we need an additional three or four regulars to make this season work. As much as I’d like to see Lt. Commander Mitch handle ALL the spinnaker lines, we should concentrate on friends, co-workers, clients, neighbors, acquaintances, and/or mistresses and get them to join us. Go over all the great perks, including sailing, racing, a new shirt (they’re on order,) and being publicly humiliated because they will be associated with an icon from a dying science fiction franchise.

OK. Maybe you should leave the last part out.