Captain’s Log: Stardate 10622.2
Spring is here! How do I know? The calendar of course. Not by what’s going on outside. It’s 30 degrees in the morning, the highs never top 42 and the other day I woke up to snow flurries. The weather here is more fucked than Jenna Jameson.

But I know it will get warmer and we’ll all be racing again soon. In fact, the Enterprise is scheduled to be launched out of spacedock in five weeks. I just signed a work order to have the keel repaired, the bottom sanded and for paint to be applied. It’s true when they say BOAT stands for Break Out Another Thousand.

And, in a scam to beat all scams, I just got a bill for a replacement of the mooring, chain and attachments. Here’s how that works: You know that heavy mushroom anchor mooring that I got last year for the new Enterprise? They gave me a new one (sure.) It’s 12 feet down and I’ve never seen it. Apparently they checked it out (sure) and it’s bad (sure) and it couldn’t be repaired (of course) so they had to replace it (oh yeah) with another new one (sure) and they put it 12 feet down – and I’ll never see it either. So, it looks like I’m going to, you guessed it, Break Out Another Thousand. Oh well.

This year’s first, and most likely only, work party is scheduled for Sunday, April 9 at Barron’s Boat Yard off of Fordham Road on City Island (just down the street from Doyle.) We need to do some cleanup, some small installations and some electrical work. Commander Dave, our First Officer, wants to personally supervise and approve any installations done on what he calls HIS foredeck. This is great on a number of levels: First: I’m delighted that Dave is taking his responsibilities on board the Enterprise seriously; and Second: The mooring lines that I mentioned previously attach to the foredeck. I can’t wait to send him the bill.