Captain’s Log: Stardate 10626.3
I’m happy to announce the addition of Crewman Rob and Yeoman Lauren Benjamin to the crew. The Benjamins have some limited experience sailing J-24s in the Hudson River and appear to be excited about their upcoming tour of duty on board the Enterprise.

We’re not sure just how many races they will be able to commit to (Rob’s an attorney and they’re in the midst of buying a new home,) but we hope they will find the time to make as many races as they can.

For the record, Lauren is the Admiral’s (my superior’s) daughter and Rob is his son in-law. It is therefore a standing order to treat Lauren with the utmost respect and to extend to her every courtesy.

For Rob; Hmmmm. Not so much.

Of course, I should notify our new crew that, for the sake of my career and with all due respect to Las Vegas, what happens on the Enterprise stays on the Enterprise (well, except for all the stuff that gets put in the Captain’s Log.)

You’ll see that we have fun and try to sail fast. Finally, you should always keep in mind our Prime Directive: Wherever we go, we go boldly.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday as we prep the Enterprise for the season and her continuing voyages to the Final Frontier.