Captain’s Log: Stardate 10639.7
After some back and forth with the shipyards, a new starter has been installed and the Enterprise was once again ready for active duty. Yesterday, Commander Richard and I brought her over to the dock at Starbase One (CIYC,) flushed the water system, cleaned the deck and waited for the crew to arrive for our first Wednesday Night race of the season.

Hence our biggest challenge of the night – waiting for the crew to arrive. The amount of no-shows was more than the shows. While Commander Jory and Ensign Bill had excuses (I’m not saying they were good excuses – just excuses,) there was no sign of Lt. Kurt, Ensign Sid, Crewman Nate, or Crewman Ozzy, who, from what I’m told, had called Lt. Commander Mitch saying he would like to be promoted in rank. Um, Ozzy? I’m not sure how promotions work in your world, but as far as I can tell, a good start might be to, well, to be honest, SHOW UP!

Luckily, Dave Z, originally from USS Mustang Sally, needed a ride for the night as well as Sally, who, to the best we can figure, is an insane person (sailing a 20-footer to Maine from Baltimore.) I don’t even like driving a 20-foot car to Baltimore.

Also on board for our first mission of the season was First Officer Dave (who waited until after he got his new crew shirt to tell me what races he’ll be missing – there’s a tactician for you,) Lt. Commander Mitch, and for his first outing, Crewman Jonathan.

But where was Yeoman Zoraida? Time’s running out. We’re going to be late. The communicator chirps. She’s coming. We’re waiting. Waiting. Waiting. We’re going to be late. She’s running now. With a pink bag of pastries in her hand. Time is short. We’re going to be late.

And we were. “Z”, as we’ll be calling her, with all due respect to Zorro (but let’s face it, the second movie did stink,) hopped on board leaving us only a few minutes to get out to the starting area, get the sails set, figure out crew positions, and start the race. Our start was horrible and we spent the night taking flyers in hopes to find some phantom breeze and catch up to the fleet. They say that only 10% of the time will a flyer pay off in yacht racing. This was not one of those times.

Deciding to throw the new people directly “into the fire,” Jonathan helped run the cockpit while Z jumped right into the bow work with Dave. Both did an amazing job, and I can clearly see they will both fit in very well on the Enterprise.

We didn’t finish well at all, but it was all just a learning experience. Afterwards, at the clubhouse, Jonathan asked what went right tonight and what went wrong.

Dave had the answer, while using his rank to claim a mini-éclair out of Z’s pink bag. “One new person brought pastries with them, and one did not.”

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10638.9
It was supposed to be a great, great day -- nice winds, sunny skies and a starship waiting for adventure. Saturday morning, Commander Richard and I went over to the Enterprise, turned on main power, and proceeded to fire up the impulse drive.

Not really. After checking all switches, power couplings and trouble-shooting the system, the impulse engine would not start. After some further investigation, we think we have found the cause – the solenoid (which is nothing like a humanoid.)

I grabbed my communicator and tried to turn around those crew that were en route, including the newest member of the Enterprise crew, Yeoman Zoraida. Was really looking forward to meeting her.

We ended up meeting Crewman Jonathan and Lt. Commander Mitch for some work on the Runty Kid II, followed by a trip out to the Enterprise to put the sails up, one of which is the new Quantum headsail.

“Wow,” Mitch said, “it looks really nice. And really fast. We’re running out of excuses.”
“That’s why we have Jonathan.”

We spent a couple of hours rigging and then called it a day. Someone will be out to the ship today to get the engines going and, as of now, Wednesday night is a “go.”

Frustrated, I went home and started reading my email, including one from EBYRA’s secretary about a posting on Sailing Anarchy that appears to be from a board member, airing our race organization business. Though the person’s name isn’t listed, I’m pretty sure I know who the quote came from. For the sake of anonymity, I won’t reveal his name (but he’s nicknamed after an automobile manufacturer that had American defense contracts. Oh yes, and it rhymes with “Peep”.)

Bored, I started looking around at the message boards, getting a good chuckle out of postings like “Espo is a dick” and so on. On a whim, I typed in Enterprise into the search box. Wow.

It started with posting about the worst boat websites after about 15 posts, I found: “Thread over! This guys wins hands down, even of Frank I think: Starship Enterprise” and then followed by “not so fast...” Sorry Charlie.

I thought that might be the end of it, but then there was more. “God, I can't wait to see the crew uniforms!!” and then “Kinda funny, but if he has fun with it, what the hell..... At least he sails his boat. Think of all those hulls sitting in your marina that never move, ya know?” followed by “He does more than sail the boat, he's the commodore of his racing group! I'm happy to say that he didn't change the ranks of the rest of the members to align with starfleet. :) I tried my best to find a pic, but to no avail... he's even a decent sailor too!

A decent sailor. That’s nice. I had no idea how popular we all were.

I found more; a quote by someone called ‘Hammerhead’: “No question, the Enterprise site is hilarious and if they win any races it must be because their competition can’t stop laughing.

This started a thread as to who’s beaten us, including a back-and-forth between two boaters, one asking the other if he’s ever beaten the Enterprise. The challenged individual responded with “I’ll let you answer that one.” He replied with “NCC-1701-A Yes, not sure if he has raced against the mighty NCC-1701-B.

Mighty. He used the word “Mighty.” Kewl.

The last post I found was from the same guy; “I really don’t see you beating the new Starship which apparently has Klingons for crew this year. Plus anyone who spells Edd with 2 D's has to be a bad dude!

A bunch of Klingons led by a bad dude on a mighty starship. Should make for an interesting season.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10637.8
USS Joe Blow -- NCC-05
Last night, Crewman Jonathan and I stepped aboard Joe Blow, commanded by Captain Ricca (who is still sporting the now-famous Bee Gees ‘do,) for Race Committee duty for Race 1 of this year’s EBYRA Wednesday Night Race Series. Also on board was Robin’s wife (Stories, stories, stories,) Commander Eben (one of his crew,) Jeff Goldfarb, Ellen Murphy and Francine Alhied, soon to be Commodore of the City Island Yacht Club, therefore establishing the need for a mental examination.

While Ellen and I picked courses and got things ready, Crewman Jonathan jumped right into his lower rank when he was assigned anchor duty. And Jonathan, I’m sorry to say a day later, that was not mud.

Scary part is, nobody’s exactly sure of what it is. Rest assured, the CDC is already on their way to his office.

The RC crew worked like a well-oiled machine, including Eben, who did show a concern as to how he’d be portrayed in the log. Not to worry, Eben. It’s all good.

The race went well and it appears Jonathan learned a lot. But then…

The issue of Race Committee credit came up. After all, a boat that gets credit will get a credit towards qualifying and towards a throw-out. Originally, it was supposed to go to Force G4 (Jeff’s boat) and Blondie (Robin’s J-24,) but Blondie raced last night. So, there was one credit to be given. Ellen Murphy (on behalf of her boat, Don’t Panic) and I both jumped at it. But, as I’ve seen in countless Highlander movies, there can be only one.

Of course we could have discussed it thoroughly, weighing in on our contributions for the night, or number of people we brought, or what we’ve done for the organization as a whole. But that would take years.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors?" I asked. She agreed.

One Two Three! I put out scissors, she put out paper. Congratulations everyone – our first win for the season.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10635.9
Last night was our annual Skipper’s Meeting and Crew Party, in which we handed out the new sailing instructions, the brand new color charts (ooooh, aaaah) and went over some of the new things we have put in place for the season, including an alternate starting mark for those once-in-a-blue-moon strong northerly breezes.

Members of the Enterprise crew were surprisingly absent -- not necessarily surprising because of the content of the meeting, but because there was free food and I was buying drinks. Plus, with me being on the mike for a couple of hours, you guys missed out on a lot of good material to haunt me with all season long. I think I sucked more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Crewman Jonathan did attend, however. He seems eager to learn and in no time after my presentation ended, he was moving from table to table, introducing himself and making friends. I think at some point, the gang from Indecent Proposal tried to steal him away, but I warned Jonathan of the IP’s Skipper Speedo Factor.

All I can say about Jonathan is if this guy can work a spinnaker as well as he works a room, we’ll be in great shape this year.

Speaking of this year, it’s unsure if the Enterprise will be ready for Race 1. I just heard from the yard and the Enterprise is still in space dock and undergoing some minor repairs from the solo Fall Series voyage last season. They expect her to be floating by Tuesday. It’s unknown, due to work demands and so-on, if I’ll be able to bring her around and rig her in time. Next Wednesday may just be a rigging and practice cruise. I’ll let you all know.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10634.0
It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, to be sure. First of all, on a whim, I decided to spread out the new warp drive (headsail) on my driveway. At first, I was very impressed with the workmanship and the overall construction of the sail. It looks fast. And, I couldn’t have been happier – that is, until I saw the sail numbers: NCC-1071B.

Holy shit! The 7 and 0 are reversed. There’s no dash before the B. And it’s on both sides. I fired up my subspace messaging software (that would be Microsoft Outlook for those of you who are new) and fired out a message to my sailmaker – and to be safe, I attached a copy of my original email clearly requesting NCC-1701-B. He apologized, we met up and it’s being fixed now.

And before you say, “Is it really that important?” let me know who you are, so I can demote your rank to Assistant Bilge Cleaner – who answers to the Chief Bilge Cleaner, who I’m sure loves to delegate.

Then came a whirlwind business trip to Laguna Beach, California, where I spent close to 100% of my time in meeting rooms and supervising banquet events. Thankfully, on the last day, we had a concert with the Surf City All-Stars, a California Beach Band made up of some of the Beach Boys (later incarnations) and Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean. Amazing sound.

Back home, I called the ship yard to check on the status of the Enterprise. In a nutshell, there’s still work to be done and part of it had to wait until other ships around her had to be cleared. That work is scheduled to be done next week and it looks like we’ll be ready for duty by next weekend – the weekend after the skipper’s meeting. I’m leaning towards scrapping Race 1 and doing practice runs instead. That is, unless people are available on Saturday or Sunday. Either way, I could use one or two just to bring her around.

Last night, while at an EBYRA Board meeting, someone made a joke about particular Frenchman that has been noted in this log and then the log came up. One particular board member, who I won’t name, said that although the log is funny, I sometimes go too far. That even though I’ve stated time and time again that it’s not an official EBYRA communication, that since I’m Commodore of the organization, I should stop for the benefit of EBYRA.

Does this mean the end of the Captain’s Log? As another board member quickly pointed out: “Tough shit. This is America.” My response was simply a smile and a dare: “Try and stop me.”

Finally, today, I picked up our brand new crew shirt uniforms. They cost me a little more than I expected (or was quoted, for that matter,) but in the end, they look great.

I can’t wait to be on the water again with the best crew in the fleet. Skipper’s meeting and crew party is the 10th at CIYC, 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.