Captain’s Log: Stardate 10634.0
It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, to be sure. First of all, on a whim, I decided to spread out the new warp drive (headsail) on my driveway. At first, I was very impressed with the workmanship and the overall construction of the sail. It looks fast. And, I couldn’t have been happier – that is, until I saw the sail numbers: NCC-1071B.

Holy shit! The 7 and 0 are reversed. There’s no dash before the B. And it’s on both sides. I fired up my subspace messaging software (that would be Microsoft Outlook for those of you who are new) and fired out a message to my sailmaker – and to be safe, I attached a copy of my original email clearly requesting NCC-1701-B. He apologized, we met up and it’s being fixed now.

And before you say, “Is it really that important?” let me know who you are, so I can demote your rank to Assistant Bilge Cleaner – who answers to the Chief Bilge Cleaner, who I’m sure loves to delegate.

Then came a whirlwind business trip to Laguna Beach, California, where I spent close to 100% of my time in meeting rooms and supervising banquet events. Thankfully, on the last day, we had a concert with the Surf City All-Stars, a California Beach Band made up of some of the Beach Boys (later incarnations) and Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean. Amazing sound.

Back home, I called the ship yard to check on the status of the Enterprise. In a nutshell, there’s still work to be done and part of it had to wait until other ships around her had to be cleared. That work is scheduled to be done next week and it looks like we’ll be ready for duty by next weekend – the weekend after the skipper’s meeting. I’m leaning towards scrapping Race 1 and doing practice runs instead. That is, unless people are available on Saturday or Sunday. Either way, I could use one or two just to bring her around.

Last night, while at an EBYRA Board meeting, someone made a joke about particular Frenchman that has been noted in this log and then the log came up. One particular board member, who I won’t name, said that although the log is funny, I sometimes go too far. That even though I’ve stated time and time again that it’s not an official EBYRA communication, that since I’m Commodore of the organization, I should stop for the benefit of EBYRA.

Does this mean the end of the Captain’s Log? As another board member quickly pointed out: “Tough shit. This is America.” My response was simply a smile and a dare: “Try and stop me.”

Finally, today, I picked up our brand new crew shirt uniforms. They cost me a little more than I expected (or was quoted, for that matter,) but in the end, they look great.

I can’t wait to be on the water again with the best crew in the fleet. Skipper’s meeting and crew party is the 10th at CIYC, 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.