Captain’s Log: Stardate 10635.9
Last night was our annual Skipper’s Meeting and Crew Party, in which we handed out the new sailing instructions, the brand new color charts (ooooh, aaaah) and went over some of the new things we have put in place for the season, including an alternate starting mark for those once-in-a-blue-moon strong northerly breezes.

Members of the Enterprise crew were surprisingly absent -- not necessarily surprising because of the content of the meeting, but because there was free food and I was buying drinks. Plus, with me being on the mike for a couple of hours, you guys missed out on a lot of good material to haunt me with all season long. I think I sucked more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Crewman Jonathan did attend, however. He seems eager to learn and in no time after my presentation ended, he was moving from table to table, introducing himself and making friends. I think at some point, the gang from Indecent Proposal tried to steal him away, but I warned Jonathan of the IP’s Skipper Speedo Factor.

All I can say about Jonathan is if this guy can work a spinnaker as well as he works a room, we’ll be in great shape this year.

Speaking of this year, it’s unsure if the Enterprise will be ready for Race 1. I just heard from the yard and the Enterprise is still in space dock and undergoing some minor repairs from the solo Fall Series voyage last season. They expect her to be floating by Tuesday. It’s unknown, due to work demands and so-on, if I’ll be able to bring her around and rig her in time. Next Wednesday may just be a rigging and practice cruise. I’ll let you all know.