Captain’s Log: Stardate 10637.8
USS Joe Blow -- NCC-05
Last night, Crewman Jonathan and I stepped aboard Joe Blow, commanded by Captain Ricca (who is still sporting the now-famous Bee Gees ‘do,) for Race Committee duty for Race 1 of this year’s EBYRA Wednesday Night Race Series. Also on board was Robin’s wife (Stories, stories, stories,) Commander Eben (one of his crew,) Jeff Goldfarb, Ellen Murphy and Francine Alhied, soon to be Commodore of the City Island Yacht Club, therefore establishing the need for a mental examination.

While Ellen and I picked courses and got things ready, Crewman Jonathan jumped right into his lower rank when he was assigned anchor duty. And Jonathan, I’m sorry to say a day later, that was not mud.

Scary part is, nobody’s exactly sure of what it is. Rest assured, the CDC is already on their way to his office.

The RC crew worked like a well-oiled machine, including Eben, who did show a concern as to how he’d be portrayed in the log. Not to worry, Eben. It’s all good.

The race went well and it appears Jonathan learned a lot. But then…

The issue of Race Committee credit came up. After all, a boat that gets credit will get a credit towards qualifying and towards a throw-out. Originally, it was supposed to go to Force G4 (Jeff’s boat) and Blondie (Robin’s J-24,) but Blondie raced last night. So, there was one credit to be given. Ellen Murphy (on behalf of her boat, Don’t Panic) and I both jumped at it. But, as I’ve seen in countless Highlander movies, there can be only one.

Of course we could have discussed it thoroughly, weighing in on our contributions for the night, or number of people we brought, or what we’ve done for the organization as a whole. But that would take years.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors?" I asked. She agreed.

One Two Three! I put out scissors, she put out paper. Congratulations everyone – our first win for the season.