Captain’s Log: Stardate 10641.6
With a steady 10 knots of breeze last night and the crew on board, we made our way out to the race course fully-prepped for the evening ahead. We were ready. We were primed. We were eager.

So eager, that we were over the line early for the start. But, thankfully, so was 80% of the fleet. They say if you’re not over early a few times during a season, you’re not trying hard enough. Last night, the fleet was apparently trying very hard. We had a general recall, were all called back and tried again. Our next start was a little slow, but the crew performed admirably getting the Enterprise up to speed.

Our sets went well as did our jibes. The first take down went perfectly. The second, well, let’s just say Richard won’t be manning the spinn halyard again. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time we launch, we see a few stripers, flounder and shrimp fall to the deck.

Not on board, again, was Crewman Ozzy. As I mentioned in a previous log entry, Ozzy was looking for a change in rank. He may just get his wish. I’ll try to find out the Starfleet equivalent to “Cabin Boy.”

Joining us for her first mission was Yeoman Beverly, as well as Cadets Nicole and Olivier. All did very well. I’m also very impressed with the work of Yeoman Zoraida and Crewman Jonathan. Zoraida did very well on the foredeck, which was good, but it was her little bag of cookies that makes it clear she knows what it takes to increase her standing on board. Jonathan manned the cockpit like a pro, only complaining once about, and these are his words, “bumping bottoms” with Richard (A mental image that will haunt me for decades, I’m sure.)

Lack of crew availability and a overall sucky weather forecast for Saturday will keep us from the North Shore Yacht Club Day Race, but all systems are go for next Wednesday and the weekend after’s City Island Cup.