Captain’s Log: Stardate 10643.6
Last night, the New York Area’s heavy downpours and wind gusts up to 25 knots, officially labeled a Nor’easter by NOAA, had the New York Yankees cancel their third game against the Boston Red Sox.


Donned in foul weather gear (some more able to handle foul weather than others,) the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise were not going to let a little rain and a little wind keep us from the thrill and adventure of yacht racing. And a thrill it was as we crossed tacks and maneuvered downwind at speeds up to Warp 9. Unfortunately, only 20% of the registered boats showed for what was (and probably will be) the most exciting race of the season.

Because, ultimately, the best races are the ones where you get home or to your office and people say to you “You went sailing in that?”

Congratulations to the brave crew that showed and raced us to a fifth place finish, just three minutes out of first – our best placement yet on a Wednesday Night on this Enterprise. And, at this point, I am officially promoting Crewman Jonathan and Yeoman Zoraida to the rank of Ensign effective immediately for their dedication and persistence – they will both make great Starfleet officers.

Zoraida, determined to keep a trend going no matter how bad the weather gets, brought along a bobka cake and after the race, shared her extensive knowledge in bobka baking while Lt. Commander Mitch confused the Seinfeld references. Say what you want about our team, but as far as I know, none of the Americas Cup boats or Volvo Ocean racers have Bobka experts on board. Talk about an edge.

Not showing, again, and despite several emails to the contrary, was Ozzy, leading to an unfortunate demotion in rank. Is there anything lower than Crewman? Yes. Ozzy is now the Enterprise’s Alternate Fuel and Oil Filter. It’s an easy enough job, but requires the use of a cup, a strainer and a straw.

Try not to swallow. That stuff is expensive.