Captain’s Log: Stardate 10645.5
With winds under 7 knots and from the south with 40-degree windshifts, the race committee ignored the forecasted northerly by midnight and, after changing courses twice, set a bold, long course for our division.

But, the wind shifted again and died long before we could all finish it. And as much as I love the new Enterprise, she wasn’t made to be sailing in under 2 knots of breeze. Give us 10-15 and we fly at, well, Warp Speed. It was like we dropped an anchor.

Actually, we may have went faster had we dropped an anchor.

The worst part of it all - had they been giving a trophy last night for the slowest boat, we wouldn’t have won that either. It’s so hard to be number 1.

On board for her first mission was Yeoman Phaedra (no, that’s not a Romulan name.) Phaedra seems to be right at home on the Enterprise and gets along with everyone very well. When not fulfilling her Starfleet duties, Phaedra works for the New York Times, but don’t worry. I don’t think there was anything we did last night that was newsworthy, much less fit to print. Phaedra did mention to someone that the etymology of her name comes from the Goddess of Wind. Yeah, right.

And showing up for the first time this season, almost causing a detour to the cardiology wing at the hospital, was Crewman (AFOF) Ozzy. At this rate, I calculate we’ll see Ozzy two more times this year.

Also, we should congratulate Ensign Zoraida on a great tactical move – telling me about her vacation AFTER getting promoted. If only we put these tactics to use on the race course…

So what did we do when the wind died? Three of us were still sailing. The others were eating cookies while Ensign Jonathan explained to Ensign Zoraida how to get his rabbit out of her hole and around the tree so it can go back in the hole again. (It’s all about making a bowline knot – sheesh, you log readers are perverts.) After a while, Jonathan did look at me and asked, “Can we keep this rabbit and hole stuff out of the log?”

“Not likely.”

Lastly, I wanted to note here in the log my appreciation and overwhelming gratitude to the crew of the Enterprise for chipping in together for a half-hull model of the ship as a gift for my (gulp) 40th birthday. Luckily, the model-maker didn’t close up shop and run for the hills when I sent him the hull graphics file and photographs. I imagine it’ll take a few weeks before I see it, but it is, by far, the most amazing gift. Thank you all.