Captain’s Log: Stardate 10651.2
With very light winds last night and with our impulse drive still under repair (estimated repair date is tomorrow,) the Enterprise never left orbit last night. Luckily, the winds were so light that all races ended up being cancelled for the evening.

Instead, with the limited crew we had on board, we ran through drills of setting, jibing and dousing the spinnaker. Thanks to those on board and Commander Dave’s instructions, we seem to have it all locked down. And, we’ve officially squashed Commander Richard’s idea of taping down the jib sheets (Oh man, it would have been bad.)

But, we now have a plan in place. Next week’s spinnaker set is going to go perfectly. We’ll have uninterrupted jibes and our take down will be smooth as silk without any loss whatsoever of warp speed. Right guys? Right? Hello?

Back at the club, the lack of Zoraida’s cookies brought on (somewhat disturbing) conversations about Kurtjolina (People Magazine cover coming soon) and something about a squirrel’s hairy balls. I tuned out for a moment, so I couldn’t confirm nor deny the two subjects were related.

Finally, it looks like our very own Ensign Jonathan is in a classic rock band named CC & Company, and they have a gig this Saturday, 9:30pm, at The River Roadhouse in Hastings-On-Hudson (533 Warburton Ave., 914-478-5227.) Of course, everyone is invited to see if Jon can play keyboard better than he handles spinnaker. The band promotes themselves as a Classic Rock-n-Roll band with a little bit of Country, perhaps proving Jonathan is the love-child of Donny and Marie Osmond. Star Fleet Intelligence managed to find this photo of the band (our Ensign is highlighted on the right.)

I’m not sure where one would go to purchase matching black leather vests, but I bet the guy on the left does (rumor has it, he was last seen serving up “Johnny Cakes” at a diner in New Hampshire to a guy named Vito.)