Captain’s Log: Stardate 10653.2
Yesterday afternoon, the small Westchester County town of Sleepy Hollow woke up when a tornado formed in the Hudson River and came ashore ripping its way through homes, businesses and highways on its way to Hawthorne and Valhalla. Trucks were overturned, buildings were destroyed and some of the areas looked like a war zone.

Did the crew of the Enterprise take action and rush to help those in need? Hell no. It’s race night. And race we did.

In all honesty, the storms had already passed and the next cell was a good three hours off. We had a window of clearing skies and fair winds and EBYRA took it. Crews rushed down to the dock covered in bright yellow foul weather gear. Except our Ensign Zoraida, who waited for the launch in a short skirt and heels. Time was short and she decided, correctly so, to change on board the ship. As the crew rigged up for departure, she locked herself in my quarters where none could see.

But this is a starship loaded with 23rd Century technology and, as captain, I was able to access the security camera:

Fucking lens cap! Dammit!

Our start was not bad – we were about 15 seconds late despite some comments about how we were going to be early and we did very well keeping with the fleet until the wind clocked down to 3mph, resulting in a complete loss of warp drive. Not our fault. Our spinnaker set went well, thanks to the discussion the week prior and some good communication. I chose to take a flyer along the Throgs Neck shore in hopes to catch a wind channel and after a semi-good jibe, we were on our way. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to make a difference.

Ensign Jonathan did complain during the jibe that we have having some trouble getting the pole up. We suggested a blue pill, but if, after taking it, his pole was up for more than four hours, he was to consult a physician.

Hopefully a really hot one.