Captain’s Log: Stardate 10655.1
To say last night was a great night would be an understatement and had the wind kept up, it would have been an excellent night. Still, with a great start and expert sail handling, the Enterprise, thanks to her crew, was moving as one would expect the Flagship of the Federation would. Our biggest mistake was mine and mine alone – not covering the Klingon warship Tenacious on the final leg. He was watching our stern until the very end.

Once again Commander Dave was thinking ahead. Knowing that Ensign Jonathan was going to be cleaning the hull earlier that night and then later handling the downhaul and topping lift at his command, Dave put a school of baby Ceti Eels near the hull.

Ceti Eels, for those who don’t know, are inhabitants of planet Ceti Alpha V, and featured in the second Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan. It is the only indigenous creature of Ceti Alpha V to survive after Ceti Alpha VI exploded and sent Ceti Alpha V into a different orbit. After the explosion, the planet was laid waste, and the Ceti Eel, along with Khan and his people, were the only survivors. To survive, young slime-covered larvae will seek out a larger animal, enter its skull through the ear and wrap itself around the cerebral cortex. This causes the subject to be susceptible to suggestion. Khan used baby Ceti Eels on Captain Clark Terrell and Commander Pavel Chekov of the USS Reliant. They followed Khan’s orders to strand the rest of the Reliant crew and use the ship to attack the Enterprise.

Usually, as the Eel grows, the host suffers from insanity and eventual death. Such was the case for Captain Terrell. Luckily, Chekov’s Eel exited his ear before the same fate.

When Jonathan came out of the water, he was covered in them, and one did drop out of his ear. Dave, fast thinker that he is, was quick to say it was a brine shrimp.

And Lt. Commander Mitch, obviously in-the-know, washed them overboard before a closer investigation could be made.

Did any stay in his ear? We’re not sure. But, when Dave asked for more topping lift, Jonathan was very quick to oblige.