Captain’s Log: Stardate 10658.9
Wow – where to begin... I suppose the wind. Despite our Goddess of Wind’s (Phaedra) second unexplained absence in a row, the breeze was quite strong. Amazingly strong, considering the temperature outside (98 degrees at start time.) Apparently, the planet has moved several million miles closer to the sun. Still, if Global Warming means 15-20 out of the Northwest, then bring it on (Sorry Al Gore.)

Then came the argument with the race committee. Actually, with Paul Beaudin of the Race Committee. When the wind shifted, Paul refused to listen to instructions and sent us on a first leg in which a good portion of the boats could make the first mark without tacking. Paul violated so many rules on so many levels and we were all at a loss as to why.

Until the Pope said it best. “He’s being an asshole.”

But there must be more. And then it hit me, while looking at the box that the tribble I won on eBay came in. That episode, “The Trouble With Tribbles” (and the later Deep Space Nine one called “Trials And Tribble-ations”) was based around a Klingon plot that included a Klingon disguised to look human. Ah-Hah!

That could also explain why Doyle sails are so expensive.

And this morning, the emails and phone calls have been non-stop.

Nevertheless, we started the race and the Enterprise, along with her crew, performed very well. What an amazing thrill it was exceeding Warp 10 downwind. The best part f it all – we’re getting better. And, we’re having fun.

This weekend, we have two races. The Leukemia Cup on Saturday and then the Women Skipper’s Race on Sunday, where Ensign Zoraida will take the conn. If there was ever a time for shield technology, this would be it.

Commander Richard won’t be with us for the next few weeks while he becomes a roadie for his wife in Santa Fe. So, for next Wednesday, we’ll have the Pope on board.