Captain’s Log: Stardate 10659.2
This log has been in production now for almost eight years and I have always maintained that it’s a running log of the adventures and experiences surrounding myself and the great crew of the Starship Enterprise, past and present. I’ve been known to be funny, abusive, perverted and, possibly worst of all, a Trekkie. It’s my way of remembering it all and my thoughts at the time. It’s my way of blowing off steam and putting some levity in a sport that sometimes we all take way too seriously. Really, we’re all trying to go as fast as possible using the slowest mode of transportation known to man.

For the past six of those years, besides being the Captain of the Enterprise, I am also the Commodore of the Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association. I am able to separate the two and have made it clear, on many occasions, this log is in no way any type of official communication outlet for EBYRA.

Yet today, again, I received another complaint that I should take down the log. That I’ve gone too far. That I’m a public figure and my comments are damaging. Damaging comments – that’s a new one. People on Sailing Anarchy say it’s gone too far and that it shouldn’t be read.

Here’s an idea for you if you don’t like it -- Stop reading it! It’s like the people who can’t stand Howard Stern and then buy XM radios just to hear what he’s going to say next so they can complain more.

It’s all a matter of control. People want a public figure to act in a certain way and get upset when he doesn’t. It must be their way or it’s the end of civilization. But, it seems to me, that our history is full of public figures that offend the people they represent. Whether it’s getting a hummer from an intern or starting a war based on a lie. People get so upset, but in the end, they are still our public figures.

And year after year, I’m voted in as Commodore. Unanimously. Running unopposed. And I work my ass off for the organization.

So, fans (and there are many – much more than I would have ever believed,) the log stays put. There are times I’ll push the envelope and times when I’ll just lick it. I’ll pull no punches and I’ll continue to be funny, abusive, perverted and even a Trekkie too.

And if you don’t like it, become Commodore. Run against me. I welcome it. But in the meantime, I’ll continue to exercise my right to Freedom of Speech, as granted to me over 200 years ago by a group of public figures who were banging their African slaves.