Captain’s Log: Stardate 10662.7
Last night was really shitty.

Not in our sail handling nor the wonderful weather, but because the Enterprise’s head seemed to be backed up (perhaps a gift from Ensign Jonathan’s family before they left on vacation) and we were, at times, faced with an odor that could have single-handedly wiped out the Klingon Empire.

For the first time ever, people didn’t need to see our hull graphics to know exactly where we were.

And, despite their best efforts to do what was needed, there were some moments of dissension in the ranks.

“Can you go down and bring up a flashlight?”
“Do I have to?”

But don’t get me wrong. The weather wasn’t perfect either. It’s far from easy getting 18,000 pounds of starship to move in 6 knots out of the north. If you had a light boat, the race was yours.

And to make matters worse, after rounding the windward mark, we had a 150-degree wind shift that made the next leeward mark into another windward one. The chute went up – and the chute went right back down again.

Still, it was a great night running up and down the length of Eastchester Bay and a little voyage under the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Our second chute set was perfection – great hoist, great set, as we rounded the F mark in the dark (It really is the F mark – but, because it’s unlit, in the dark, we do tend to say “Where is the F-in mark?”)

I expect the head to be repaired by next week, perhaps even the weekend. Next week will truly be a challenge in that our Commander Dave will not be on board – and Commander Richard will be back on board.