Captain’s Log: Stardate 10664.1
Yesterday, after taking a day off and enjoying a wonderful, relaxing afternoon on the Enterprise reading William Shatner’s new book “Star Trek: Captain’s Glory” (not to be confused with George Takei’s book “Captain’s Glory Hole”,) I went to a meeting at The Bar Formerly Known as Rhodes regarding the City Island Yacht Club and its reps to EBYRA.

I won’t go into the details of the meeting, but it will be interesting to see the results of it play out in the months ahead. It appears, even still, The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning…

Afterwards, while having a drink at the bar, the newly-single Robin Ricca (my guess: an argument over hair-care products) was approached by Monika, a local Hungarian bar fly who was wearing a skirt that if it were any shorter, we’d know her personal grooming choices.

It all started when Monika, who pronounces her name “moan-ika” (I shit you not) came up to Robin telling him she recognized him as a singer or something. Robin, quick thinker that he was, affirmed what this log has been saying for years, that, yes, he was a member of the Bee Gees.

She asked him for $2.00 so that she can sing a sing for him (I have the payment documented) and she proceeded to play some Olivia Newton John on the jukebox, yet when she sang, it was more like Olivia Neutron Bomb. They danced and talked as we watched on (amazingly enough, she talked MORE than Robin did – a feat that I thought could only be accomplished by the inhabitants of Gamma Hydra III, and only because they have three mouths.)

Moan-ika was in town for a short time, working on the roof of Sammie’s Fish Box (could explain the smell) and after an hour, appeared to be well on her way towards a blow on Joe Blow.

Before leaving, I leaned towards Jeff and said, “Ten bucks she has a penis.” He wouldn’t take the bet. Robin, after a few hugs and fixing her shoe, leaned back and said “Twenty.”

I left after that, so at this time, I don’t know if Robin had boldly gone where no sober man has gone before…