Captain’s Log: Stardate 10664.7
I went out to the Enterprise early last night to fix an access panel that keeps coming loose (Even in the 23rd Century, Velcro does have its limitations) and to do some electrical work before the race. And, after some time with wires, splicers, crimpers and my digital multitester, I’m happy to say the access panel should stay put.

Unlike the previous Enterprise, the wiring on this starship starts and ends in a variety of places, presenting challenges in not only fixing something when it malfunctions, but in adding new technologies as they become available. Could be a fun weekend.

But on to the race. Conditions could not have been better. Great temperatures and a steady NNW breeze looked like it could be one of our better nights. That is, until we had the roller furler issue and couldn’t get the jib fully deployed – making us 40 seconds late for our start. We spent the race in catch-up mode – which is, unfortunately, a common mode for us – maybe not so early in the race, but common nonetheless.

Upwind we were pointing better and sailing faster then we have in some time – the Enterprise humming along effortlessly at Warp 6. Our spinnaker set was not the best ever, but that blame could easily fall onto Commander Dave, who missed the race to spend time with his wife (some anniversary or something.)

We jibed three times on the looooong downwind leg, catching up with the USS Eagle and not far behind the Romulan vessel Sugar-Free (a diabetic Romulan?) We had a few close calls with Eagle, enough to make Lt. Commander Mitch nervous. Our rounding and take-down was close to perfection and we beated towards the finish in the dark.

One tack was especially interesting when Commander Jory decided, solely to make sure we knew how valuable Dave is, that the jib sheets should run inside the spinn halyard, which was now fastened at the base of the mast. As the jib team tried to get several hundred square feet of sail through a two-inch slot between the spinn halyard and the mast, I could almost hear the fish looking on say “What the f-…?”

All in all, a fun night. But, despite it all, one mystery remains - a mystery that will haunt us until the end of time and will have all humans throughout the galaxy questioning the balance of the universe. It dwarfs the usual mysteries like “Is there a God?” or “Why are we all here?” All petty stuff. What is really on our minds?

Why did Zoraida leave early and what happened to the cookies?