Captain’s Log: Stardate 10666.6
I knew we were going to have problems last night. Commander Dave’s mind was on his son’s birthday, Lt. Commander Mitch was away on vacation and it would be Yeoman June’s first night on board. That, and we were going to have four representatives from Christie’s on board, all part of the team that’s organizing the auction of Star Trek props and costumes. And, although people keep asking me if I’m going to bid on Kirk’s chair (a remake used in a Deep Space Nine episode – the original is on display in a museum) and mount it on the stern of the boat, everything is just a little outside of my budget. Sure, it would be nice, but $20,000 to $40,000 for a chair is a little nuts.

Back to last night: The big thing that concerned me most was the absence of Mitch. None of the crew, as far as I know, has had any real experience in spinnaker trim.

We all got on board and powered out to the starting area in the southeast 10-15 knots of breeze to find practically our entire division gearing up for the start. It’s one thing to lose – quite another to lose BIG.

Three of the Christie’s reps; Kathy, Kathy and Kate; took position on the rail and began to practice moving from one side to the other. But, after getting to know them, it turned out that Kathy (not that Kathy, the other Kathy) was an Olympic alternate in the U.S. Women’s 470 Sailing Team and the other Kathy (not Kathy) was primary spinnaker trim on America True under Dawn Riley during the 2000 America’s Cup challenge. Kate, which I’m told is short for Kathy, but not to be confused with Kathy, or Kathy for that matter, was the preliminary design draftsperson working under Rob Ball during the initial stages of the C&C 37/40+ line. Can you believe the luck?

Yeoman June, good with numbers being an accountant and all, began to calculate, in her head, optimum wind angles along with pole height and target sail shape.

The Enterprise achieved Warp speeds like never before.

We crossed the line first in the fleet, with only Jato correcting over us in handicap. A well-earned second place.

Back at the club, we enjoyed Zoraida’s chocolate cake (making up for last week’s cookie absence) when I commented, “Wow. Mitch missed a great night.”

Dave, Kurt, Jory, Jonathan, Kenny, Richard and Zoraida instantly asked, “Mitch who?”