Captain’s Log: Stardate 10668.5
Last night marked the triumphant return of Yeoman Phaedra, who, according to legend, is named after the Goddess of Wind. But, apparently, in order to have any control over wind, it appears an appendix is a needed ingredient. We never saw above six knots during the “gusts” and knew early on that the average of three to four was going to kill our evening.

Still, we’re happy to see Phaedra back, knowing all the horror stories about ruptured appendixes. She did lose a lot of weight though – so much so that when it reached four knots, she was reaching for a jacket. The wind chill must have dropped the outside temperature from 72 to 71.99998.

This time of year, it gets dark pretty early, so running lights were switched on. Very interesting. The committee boat had theirs mounted backwards, and the Orion slave ship Andiamo was showing two red port lights on her bow. Apparently marine stores in Paul’s area don’t carry the green ones. It’s a shame we found this out so late in the season – crossing tacks, it looks like Andiamo will always be on port.

I gave Crewman Kenny the conn (yes, he’s new, but with 18,000 pounds of starship and 3 knots of breeze, even if he hit something, it wouldn’t be that hard) and checked out my own lights, knowing that my starboard light had a intermittent connection. As I suspected, it was off. I began to tap it, then banged it, then kicked it. As the light cracked and fell off the boat sinking to the bottom of the bay, I’m happy to say it’s not intermittent anymore.

Replacement is on its way and I’ll install it on Saturday, seeing that almost everyone is too SIC to race. It’s like an epidemic. Birthday parties. Soccer practices. It’s insane. One crewman, who I won’t name, seemed too scared to even ask his wife (See, Kurt, I didn’t name you.) It looks like even the lameoid got preferential treatment. So, this weekend will be a bust.

Next week is the final Wednesday night race. All crew are requested to put aside the following Saturday and/or Sunday for the EBYRA Fall Series and the CIYC Sayers Series. Let the others get SIC for a change.