Captain’s Log: Stardate 10670.4
Each year, after the conclusion of the Wednesday Night Race Series, I look back at the months past and try to think of the one moment that truly defines the season. A couple of years ago, that moment was Patty saying “I got it,” going forward to ease down the spinnaker halyard and dropping the jib instead.

The problem is not that I don’t need to look that far back for this season’s defining moment – just to last night’s race. The problem is deciding which event last night is the one to choose.

It could be Ensign Zoraida’s choice to not only bring out big chocolate chip cookies, but to include cupcakes, a case of Heineken and two pizza pies (of which I’m told she ate one all by herself.)

It could be that the crew was too busy eating pizza during the downwind leg that the spinnaker take-down was forgotten about - completely. A shame too, because our sets were just about perfection.

It could be when I sent Ensign Jonathan to clean out the heavily-clogged aftmost through-hull valve on the port side of the ship, but not telling him ahead of time what that particular through-hull was used for. Ewwwww.

It could be when Commander Dave and Lt. Kurt spent more time discussing Thomas The Tank Engine rather than things like sail trim and jibing procedures.

But, personally, I think it was after we rounded the windward mark, and after we had the chute set perfectly. Commander Richard, putting to use his many many years of sailing experience and over a decade of racing on Eastchester Bay, made a downwind tactical assessment, taking into account the windspeeds, currents, tides, the polar diagram and our position in the fleet, and ultimately said “Follow Chaika.”

Chaika was ten boat lengths behind us.

And so ends another great season of Wednesday Nights. We’ve learned quite a bit and will continue to do more. To the crew of the Enterprise, I owe you my thanks and I look forward to spending time with you all during the off-season and in the many years after. If last night marked your last time on board for the season, you should always keep in mind our prime directive: Wherever you may go, go boldly.