Captain’s Log: Stardate 10677.5
With little to no interest for the American Fall Series or the Manhasset Bay Fall Series, several members of the crew did beam aboard for the one-day Charity Cup Regatta sponsored by Port Washington Yacht Club all to benefit the Ronal McDonald House (they provide shelter for uneaten McNuggets or something.)

We were hoping to end the season with a real adventure and as we powered out at full impulse barely moving into the 25+ breezes, we knew this would be it. We discussed canceling. We discussed reefing. But in the end, we knew the only way to do this was to boldly go.

We put the main up first, and quickly increased speed to Warp 7. As the race committee tried to communicate things like who was in Class A and who was in Class B, then followed that by wrongfully announcing the starting sequence, then not posting courses for two divisions hoping that they would have enough ESP to figure out that they would sail the same course as the division before it. As we unfurled the jib and accelerated to Warp 9, I wondered what Ronald McDonald would look like with a moose’s head.

The Enterprise performed perfectly in the heavy air, much to the thanks of the jib team of Commander Jory and Lt. Commander Mitch and the back-breaking work of Ensign Jonathan who repeatedly dumped the main during gusts in order to keep control and then tugging it back in when things “calmed.”

The 16+ mile course tested our skills and our tactics, including a crossing tacks duel between us and the much faster Xindi vessel Sans Culottes in between the two buoys just a few hundred feet off of Kings Point and the rocky shore of Kings Point. It turns out Sans Culottes was in our division despite the scratch sheet saying otherwise. Later, I found out that Sans Culottes is French for “Without Testicles”, which became evidently clear when we passed them upwind finishing the race in third (the committee apparently chose Time on Distance, though there was no mention of that in the Sailing Instructions. It would have been the same in Time on Time anyway.)

We decided not to stay for the after-race barbecue, which most likely featured two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, all on a sesame bun, and made our way back to home. Once close, we took the warp core offline (took the sails off) and prepared the ship for winter storage. I expect the Enterprise to be in spacedock by this week or next.

Thanks to everyone for a great race, a great season and great memories. I’m eagerly looking forward to next year and beyond.