Captain’s Log: Stardate 10687.4
Last night, as part of my usual post-racing-season Tuesday Night ritual, I flipped over to ABC to catch the latest episode of Boston Legal featuring James T. Crane. I mean Denny Kirk. No, Denny Crane. That’s it. Any way you slice it, it’s William Shatner, and, he’s good in it. The dude got an Emmy.

But, instead, I found ABC’s new game show “Show Me The Money,” a flashy show that gives away tons of money for very little skill featuring thirteen dancing girls and new game show host (yes, you guessed it) William Shatner.

OK. I’ll give it a try. After all, it seemed to be a logical step in his career – starship captain, LA cop, Boston lawyer, and now a game show host.

The game is pretty simple. With a little trivia knowledge, you can earn big bucks. The questions were about as tough as “Deal or No Deal?” or “Would you like fries with that?” A few questions passed, the contestant (a man that would overheat any Gay-dar) was up over $500,000 and then they went to commercials. Coming out of the ads and back into the show, viewers were treated to flashy graphics, dancing girls and, oh my God, William Shatner dancing.

Mortified and on the verge of re-tasting the Wonton Soup and Beef & Broccoli I finished just a few hours earlier, I began to wonder what would be involved to rename the boat to “Millennium Falcon.”

I flipped away to some show about Hollywood gossip and they were discussing Britney Spear’s divorce and how devastated she is. Hey, I know divorce is tough, but we all know she’ll get through it and Britney will be back on her knees in no time.

And then, as if I had lost all control of my actions, I went back to the game show. I couldn’t look away. Maybe it was the simplicity of the questions. Maybe it was the 13 scantily-clad dancers. Maybe it was Captain Kirk making a fool out of himself, but clearing enjoying the moment.

In fact, I think he knew how he appeared and just decided to have a great time with it. The 60s, 70s and 80s were good to him, but he’s found a self-depreciating niche that makes it seem he’s at the top of his game and laughing all the way to the bank. The man has stopped taking himself seriously and going with it – boldly, too.

Still, I'll be happy when Boston Legal is back.