Captain’s Log: Stardate 10719.5
He’s a sailing legend. He’s written books on tactics, given expert presentations on racing, and broadcasted details of some of the world’s greatest regattas, including the America’s Cup. And here I had an opportunity to meet the man again.

Because according to my father, and the flyer on the wall at Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club, Gary Jobson will be speaking about Key West Race Week.

What an amazing event. Not only would I get to see him speak again, it will be about a regatta in which I know some of the people and boats that participated. I get to hear a master’s take on the performances of USS Hustler and USS Tolo. So I eagerly drove to New Jersey, picked up Commander Richard, and went to the club.

Hmmm. No podium. Very few seats. This was going to be more intimate than I imagined. I could ask questions. I could discuss tactics. I can try to invite him out on the Enterprise. We waited patiently as the ten or so people filled the room and projection television displayed the first few moments of Yankees vs. Indians.

Then, at start time, the bartender switched channels to ESPN2 and their coverage of Key West Race Week, hosted by Gary Jobson.

Yes, I drove four hours to watch television – and it was a station that pretty much everyone with basic cable gets at home.

The event, or should I say television show, concluded with a grand Key Lime Pie contest, consisting of three, count-em, three, Key Lime Pies. I don’t even like Key Lime Pie.

Oh well – at least it was a day with Richard and out of the house.

Coming soon: The 2007 Enterprise racing schedule. Save the dates on your calendar so you can affirmatively say “Oh, so sorry honey, I can’t go with you to _______. I’m racing that day.”