Captain’s Log: Stardate 10732.9
With only a few short weeks to go until the Enterprise is launched from spacedock and begins her mission this season, the officers and crew were asked to come aboard for some light maintenance and spring clean-up.

Joining me was Commander Mitch, Ensign Jonathan and the few-hours-late Yeoman June (but hey, at least she showed.) As I worked on deck examining the headstay foil and was thoroughly shocked at the level of deterioration on the genoa halyard, Mitch wasted no time pulling rank grabbing the lemon oil for the interior teak and practically shoved poor Jonathan into the head to do his part.

Was the head bad? Let’s just say the part of our mission to “seek out new life forms and new civilizations” has been satisfied for this century and the next. I could tell Jonathan was getting bothered by the whole “pulling rank” premise, but that quickly subsided when Yeoman June came aboard. Suddenly, she was in the head finishing up. Ensigns do outrank Yeomans.

Everyone did a great job and the Enterprise is looking better than ever. Yesterday, I went back to install a new light in the galley and some new sheet bags on the bridge. Not having enough, I went online and ordered more. Between the new halyard ($1.40 a foot,) the sheet bags and the supplies, it was, all in all, an expensive weekend – but oh so worth it.

Now it’s up to the yard. The Enterprise is scheduled for new bottom paint, expert tuning of the rig, summarizing of the engine and, hopefully, repair of the wind instruments. After that, the season boldly begins.

Finishing up, we discussed Uncle Junior’s jokes on last week’s Sopranos (Mitch and I both thought the “flowers” one was, by far, the best) and the latest activities in EBYRA (including the latest movements by the “Borg.”)

It’s clear to me that this season is going to be one to remember and I can’t wait to be back, out there, with my friends on the Enterprise.