Captain’s Log: Stardate 10741.4
Earlier in the week, Lt. Commander Mitch sent around to the crew an article written by Quantum Sails about some spinnaker trim research done in a wind tunnel using a scale model of a Whitbread 60, all in an effort to change our strategy to handling our spinnaker. The data was clear, providing specific information about pole height, angle to the wind, sail shape and air flow. Mitch was so pumped up and ready to implement, I was half expecting the Enterprise to reach Warp 9 in 4 knots of wind.

But it was during our first downwind leg, right when Eagle passed us, that we realized that:

1. We don’t have a wind tunnel
2. The Enterprise is not a Whitbread 60

It was also a night when most of the crew arrived late, including our new Yeoman Ellen, who showed up in time to see our stern disappear over the horizon, and another no-show by Lt. Kurt (dangerously close to a demotion in rank.) And even though it looks like a false alarm, Kurt’s excuse was that his wife was going into labor. Still, we can’t see how that’s Kurt’s problem. She’ll push. She’ll breathe. Do you really need to be there?

Last night was also Yeoman Brittany’s first night on board, helping out Dave on the foredeck. As far as I can tell, she was only scared out of her wits four times – a new record! Still, the sets went well, the jibes went well, and all without a single “Ay Dios Mio!”

Ensign Zoraida, now aptly nicknamed “Thumbelina” because she still refuses to see a doctor about her thumb (contest from previous log entry still open, by the way) did a great job as rail meat and even a better job of bringing out cookies.

After an interesting spinnaker battle with Eagle on the final downwind leg, we crossed the finish line in third place and corrected into fourth.

Final word on Saturday’s day race is still up in the air...