Captain’s Log: Stardate 10742.2
Yesterday was our first weekend race of the season – the North Shore Yacht Club Day Race. And since all of the senior officers were off doing who-knows-what, it was time for the newest people, and some cadets, to show their stuff.

As we powered out to the starting area near Execution Rock, Ensign Jonathan took some time to not only explain where things were on the ship, but also how sailing, in general, works. As he went into Bernoulli’s Principle about how airflow worked over the surface of a sail, I saw some eyes glaze over and I realized I didn’t have any coffee on board.

We geared up for the start and did some practice tacks. Yeoman Brittany, after only one night of training from Dave, jumped right to the foredeck. Yeoman June was going to handle Jib trim, Jonathan would handle the main and Yeoman Ellen, complete with MacGuyver-style kneepads (oven mitts duct-taped to the inside of her pants – genius! She can cook and trim sails,) would handle the release. Also on board were cadets Karen, David and Sonia, an associate from or law office.) The cadets knew nothing about sailing, but were a tremendous help at any job we threw their way.

The winds kept increasing as the day went on, thankfully, and the Enterprise was seeing speeds of Warp 7 at times. But, we did make a few mistakes, none of which were too serious.

Apparently, Yeoman Ellen doesn’t know which way clockwise is. This became clear when she kept repeating "clockwise, clockwise" and proceeded to wrap the sheets the wrong way on the winch. Suddenly, last Wednesday's absence made sense to us -- She showed up at 7:00, looked at her watch and thought she had a whole half hour to be on board by 6:30.

And then there was the less-than-an-ounce-of-prevention move by Yeoman June, who was acting as a preventer on the main when we were going downwind. A slight windshift came, swung the boom over, and June did a backwards flip, triple Lutz, and split-leg dismount across the cabin. We all thought it was very impressive, but two Johns and a Jane Doe rose from the dead on Hart Island with cards that read 8.5, 8.2, and 8.4.

The last leg was a blast, except for trying to locate the 18-foot Boston Whaler committee boat in a mooring field full of 30 and 40 foot sailboats. The results came in later and congratulations to all, the Enterprise took a third!

City Island Cup is next weekend – who’s in? I know Ensign Zoriada won’t be there – she’s heading off to Fire Island for the weekend. Perhaps she’s going to convert as many as she can. . .