Captain’s Log: Stardate 10743.3
New uniforms (crew shirts) and laptop in hand, I was just about ready to leave my office, but I went back to my desk and did a check on the marine forecast. Northwest winds, 5 to 10. 10 is so-so, but 5 is murder for this particular class of starship. Oh well, we’ll use it as an opportunity to really train some of the new people (and, let’s face it, some of the old people, too.)

But as I was in my shuttle on the way to the Enterprise, all I kept wondering was ‘Damn, those trees are moving a hell of a lot for just 5 to 10.’

That’s because it was 20. And we saw gusts up to 28. The race was fast-paced and the Enterprise was in her groove, screaming around the race course between Warp 6 and Warp 8.2. In fact, it seemed that so much power was going into the warp engines that other systems (impulse power cut-off, stern light, automatic bilge pump, etc.) all shut down. Looks like I need to spend some time in Engineering getting systems back to nominal.

Our start was good and we held our own on the first leg. Downwind, because of the breeze, we used the old heavy chute. Our set was a little late and we appeared to have a little trouble getting control, but once she was full, man, we were hauling ass! The crew performed excellently with every maneuver and I can see that we just need to solidify assignments and fine tune what we already know.

Our first take-down was a little slow, so for the second, Foredeck Captain Dave asked for, and I’m quoting here, “a better body than Yeoman Ellen”, and he was pleased to get Lt. Kurt. Maybe that hit on the head with the spinnaker pole a couple of weeks ago did more than we thought. And even though the second take-down was much faster, I doubt I would make that same choice.

The Enterprise finished in third and remained solidly in third after all the calculations were done. Where did we go wrong? The plain truth is me. I misjudged a couple of laylines and probably could have been five seconds earlier at the start. And, I need to sit down and determine crew positions for all points of sail, and, where needed, train them.

Thanks to Yeoman Ellen for bringing out Heineken Keg Cans and Budweiser for everyone (yet, for some strange reason, now there’s only Budweiser left on board) and thanks to those who volunteered, against Captain’s orders, to stick around while I worked on the bilge. The company was appreciated, despite the cover performance of Erasure’s “A Little Respect” hit by the new ship vocal group, Yeoman Brittany and the Off-Tones.

All systems are Go for the City Island Cup this weekend. Well, most systems anyway. But I’ll fix them.