Captain's Log: Stardate 10744.4
This past weekend was for EBYRA's signature weekend event, CityIslandCup2007, and after last year's last-minute push for the Enterprise to do Race Committee, this year we were going to race. On board for both days were Foredeck Captain Dave, Commander Jory, Lt. Commander Mitch, Ensign Jonathan, Yeoman Brittany, Yeoman Ellen and Cadet Karen. Of course, this being a weekend event, Richard and Kurt were nowhere to be found.

But we had our A-Team. We were ready to go. Boldly.

And, it should be noted at this point that Yeoman Ellen was wearing real kneepads this time around instead of her duct-taped oven mitts. Word has it she decided to purchase the kneepads when she kept burning her hands whenever she cooked.

We had three races on Saturday, with a steadily increasing breeze starting from the East and working its way North. The crew performed fantastically on all three races – but I wish I could say the same for myself, especially on Race 3. The start was one for the record books – heading for the favored pin-end, a little too fast, the clock counting down, I aimed right for it. Getting closer, closer, closer. As Jonathan counted down to 0, I turned the helm to starboard, just as the mark was under the point of the bow. The Enterprise turned and the mark swished by the rail, never touching, but a good inch or two away. First place start baby! And at high-warp! This race was ours! We screamed away from the fleet. The crew had everything perfect. The Enterprise was in her groove. Two tacks later, I was way ahead of everyone on a perfect layline for the mark at Warp 6.5. It was perfect. It was heaven.

Until the cadet said, "Hey, why is everyone going there?"

I was going to the wrong mark! I must have yelled "FUCK!" so loud that people on Block Island must have turned their head west to see what was wrong.

And, just to clarify how much of a bonehead I am, it's not like I'm just one of these guys from the Sound who is racing in the area for the first or second time. It's not like I'm just a regular participant in EBYRA. I'm the Commodore. I developed the series. I created the charts. I created the courses. I know where all the marks are. And, adding salt to the wound, it was the least-knowledgeable person on board who pointed it out.

Sure, I jibed around and we did our thing to catch back up and pass everyone, but a phaser blast to the head was well in order. Thankfully, I was spared the court martial.

After the races, the crew surprised me with a birthday cake (complete with the ship's logo,) champagne and some great gifts, including a DVD from Jory, a classroom gradeboard from Brittany (complete with gold stars) and a Tweety Bird balloon display from Ellen (to which she said something along the lines of "I tawt I saw a starship. I did! I did see a starship!".)

Honestly, I can't remember a better birthday. But, that could be the Alzheimer's setting in. I hear one of the first signs is forgetting where the marks are.

The next day, the winds were lighter and we did our best to keep the Enterprise moving in the fluctuating breeze. Concentration on the downwind legs did give way to games of 20 Questions, discussion of Brittany's smoking (we're not sure whether to nickname her Smokey The Brit, Puffy or Iron Lung) and how well she rode my pole (meaning she used her full weight as downhaul on the pole – minds out of the gutter, people!)

And then there was the last race where the outhaul exploded and the traveler lines frayed to nothingness (Ensign Jonathan said it would take only 60 seconds to fix, but clearly he needs to change the batteries in his watch – four minutes later, we were clear to tack.)

After the race, we were all amazed by the displays of Yeoman Brittany's intellect. It's official: Lefty has been reborn! The similarities were endless. It's like they share a quarter of a brain. And, as she complained that Dave's hands were much bigger than hers making their repeated Thumb Wars too unfair, I suddenly realized what happened to Zoraida's thumb. Shame on you, Dave.

I can't imagine us topping this weekend. Great work, everyone. And, thanks for making this year's City Island Cup, especially my 41st, so wonderful.