Captain's Log: Stardate 10745.2
I think Al Gore is screwing with our weather just to boost DVD sales. But, then again, with last night's 15-25 winds and temps hovering around 50, I don't think global warming is an issue. For a summer race series, it was pretty cold out there.

Never dropping below Warp 6 and seeing speeds faster than Warp 9 on the second downwind leg (any faster and we'd start going back in time,) things were happening very quickly on the Enterprise. The crew did a fantastic job with the tacking, heavy-air sail trim, and the spinnaker set. Only one of our tacks was slow, but that was only because Yeoman Ellen's hand wouldn't fit through the block.

The jibe, well, that was a different story. Hung up around the forestay, lines everywhere, a real mess. I knew we were in trouble after repeated prodding by Commander Richard to jibe the boat and his exclamation of "Hold on, we're not ready" when I called the jibe, followed by his sitting on the starboard rail while everyone else coordinated the control lines. So, with the bow of the ship looking like something out of a Dr. Crash calendar, I decided to name last night's jibe after Rosie O'Donnell, simply because I can't think of anything uglier. Please, guys, no more Rosie O'Donnell's.

At least the first downwind leg went well (no chute) and we were keeping up with Chaika and Exhilaration with just the jib at Warp 8. I did notice, however, that my pole did tend to sag a bit more when Dave was riding it than when Yeoman Brittany did over the weekend. I guess Dave is losing his sex appeal.

Ensign Zoraida was back this week with, apparently, a working thumb and an assortment of cookies. As I said, things were happening very quickly around the ship, so I'm still not sure when or how she ended up wearing Ensign Jonathan's pants.

Finally, speaking of Jonathan (who Lt. Commander Mitch just now labeled as "hyper" – it's only been a year, Mitch. You're just now figuring this out? Really?,) despite his informing us that he may be woefully absent for the one of the upcoming weeks, he has come a long way towards better sail trim, a knowledge of the Enterprise's systems and crew morale. I am also proud to call him a friend. It is therefore, my pleasure to mid-season promote Jonathan to the rank of Lieutenant. Continue to do well and continue to do us all proud.