Captain's Log: Stardate 10747.1
Finally! A night were it was warm AND full of breeze. These were our conditions. We were going to do well.

But our troubles began one minute before the start with a jammed release causing us to be 15-20 seconds late to the line, followed by a double whammy on the first leg that can only be described as a clusterfuck. The jib halyard blew, sent our jib downwards, and when the foredeck team placed a new halyard on, the jib came out of the track. We dropped from Warp 7 to sublight so quickly that for a moment I thought we were going backwards.

And Richie Coar of Chaika admitted later they were chuckling as they pulled away from us. No need for revenge though. I'm young. He's old. That's life.

I thought we were through and began to hail the Race Committee on subspace channels. We could get back to the mooring, get someone in the chair and try to fish back our jib halyard. But, the foredeck team didn't hear the order, the jib was back up again, and we were back at Warp 7. There's Eagle! Let's get them!

And, the crew performed excellently for the entire race as we steadily gained ground on both Eagle and Chaika. We lost about 5 or more minutes during the aforementioned clusterfuck and had we had more legs, I think we would have taken them. We finished last, but on corrected time, only 3 minutes back. It was quite a feeling to hear someone on the rail say "Hey! That's Chaika! We really caught up to them!"

We returned to Starbase with a plan to fish the halyard either over the weekend or late afternoon next Wednesday. But, the second part of the planned evening was still ahead. With the entire crew on the deck loaded down with Heineken Keg cans, Nacho Chips and Cookies, we looked to the clear skies above the bow. And then, like two beacons from the heavens, we witnessed the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle Atlantis move swiftly across the Eastern sky. What an incredible moment! To actually see them go. Boldly. Through the Final Frontier. I doubt I will ever forget the amazing sight.

Lastly, the winner of the "How Zoraida Hurt Her Thumb" contest goes to her own doctor who diagnosed her with, drum roll please, arthritis! The old person's disease! I guess we're just a season or two away from wheelchair ramps and picking her up from the dock of the Shady Pines Retirement Home. For now, someone will need to be ready to pass her her shawl when she gets chilly. Still, she looks great for a 67 year-old.

Next week, we won't have Jonathan, Mike or Brittany. I'm therefore asking the transporter room to lock onto Bill and Phaedra. A quarter of the season has passed. Summer is here. If they are not on board next week, beam them into space. Seriously guys, you're either on or you're off. Need you there or I have to give away your spot.

Captain's Log: Supplemental
Happy Birthday to Yeoman June! The Enterprise crew had a choice last night -- to either sing her happy birthday or throw her in the water. Sorry to say to all those within earshot, they chose to sing. Once back at the club, as a birthday surprise, Brittany gave June an orgasm, but June finished so quickly that Brittany missed it (I thought only guys had that problem.) So, Brittany, kind-hearted person she is, gave June another orgasm, then her and Dave had one together. Amazing how well this crew gets along.

And for those of you who didn't know: An orgasm is a alcoholic shot. Perverts.