Captain's Log: Stardate 10748.2
In the history of the Enterprise, there have been several moments where the captain devises a plan with the slimmest chance of working and yet, somehow, against all odds, the crew pulls it off and saves the ship -- moments like the Corbomite bluff or the use of the Prefix Code to lower Reliant's shields during The Wrath of Khan.

But after last week's "clusterfuck", odds were heavily stacked towards us running the whole season without a jib halyard followed by an expensive winter haul where the mast would have to come down. Our only shot, and a slim one at best, was to send someone up there, lower a thin messenger line into the center of the mast, somehow snag that line through a halyard port no wider than a half an inch, attach it to a good halyard, then snake it back upwards without losing both.

Might as well have added Peace in the Middle East to the list.

We strapped Lt. Jonathan into the Chair of Death, I mean, the Bosun's Chair, and, with both spinnaker halyards, slowly cranked him upwards. He knew what he had to do. And, we told him that if he failed, the best thing for him to do was release both spinnaker shackles.

I won't say the hoist was difficult, but he did mention later how much he's been enjoying Fluffenutter, Nutella and Cocoa Krispies with Chocolate Milk lately. We asked him to help by scaling the mast some of the way, but we soon learned that Spider-Man won't have any competition this year.

The messenger line came down and Commander Jory hooked it with his finger. Holy Shit! This was going to work! The line came out, we attached it to the halyard and ordered Jonathan to start hoisting. One out on the top end, we asked him to check the path of the upper drum and fix the mast head fly.

I'm still amazed by the skill of the people around me and at how well this worked. We sent a camera up to Jonathan to take some photos (coming soon) and then did some other odd jobs around the boat, including some excellent work by Yeomans June and Ellen in preparing the life jackets for the Around Long Island.

The Enterprise foredeck is back to fully operational condition. All halyards are ready and functional. The jib can now go higher, the spinnakers can be hoisted from either side.

And the best part of it all, if we forgot anything, Jonathan is still up there. We only asked him to go up the mast – never mentioned anything about down.