Captain's Log: Stardate 10759.7
The past weekend, the crew of the Enterprise banded together for one of the more stressful events (at least for me) of the season, the City Island Yacht Club Women Skipper's Race. The nightmares from the year prior had finally gone away and no longer did I find myself waking up in a cold sweat thinking we were going to hit the committee boat in 17 knots of wind moving at Warp 7 while the woman on the helm's hands froze screaming out "Ay Dios Mio!"

Instead, when we got on board, winds were almost non-existent, fluctuating between 0 and 4 – Ahh, I thought as I lowered the swim ladder letting Ensign Zoraida and Yeoman Ellen in to the water, now THIS is WSR conditions. In fact, the only thing troubling me was trying to figure out a way to establish that bikinis should be standard uniform for all Enterprise women.

We got out to the starting area early and did some more swimming. Then the committee boat showed up, raised a postponement flag and their crew also went swimming. Then, at least ten of the other boats entered had their crews in the water. Eastchester Bay was now our pool, and the "warm spots" were increasing.

Yeomans Brittany and June also wanted to go in the water, but did not bring their bathing suits, which led to a rather uncomfortable moment when she decided to wear Lt. Jonathan's boxer underwear instead.

Water battles began to break out and just as they were getting intense (impulse engines at full speed – water cannon phasers and bucket photo torpedoes constantly being fired and reloaded) the wind came up and we actually got a race in!

The Enterprise women took turns on the helm and did an amazing job passing boats upwind and downwind to cross the finish line first and correct into second! Another trophy for the Enterprise! I suppose we could have taken a first, but Ellen wanted to go back in the water, Zoraida couldn’t steer in a straight line, June wanted to run over a pair of fishing boats, Jonathan wanted to go back and get the phaser he dropped in the water (those were expensive, Jonathan!) and despite her time in men's underwear, Brittany didn’t seem to have the balls for winch grinding.

Nevertheless, it was a fantastic day on the water. Thanks to all.