Captain's Log: Stardate 10760.5
Last night's Wednesday Night race started out just like every other. The crew was setting up spinnaker lines and removing the sail cover – and Brittany was telling Jonathan she was ready to return his underwear. Ah yes, Enterprise racing in its prime.

Conditions started out very nice for us – a beautiful night. Crewman Kenny, noticing far less arguing on board since Commander Richard was S.I.C. almost 2,000 miles away, decided to do a few Richard-isms, stating "You’re pinching", "Let's take a wind heading!" and "We should get the jib out now", but his timing was off, stating each of them either while we were at the mooring, on the third leg of the race or on the way into the club for dinner.

I must say the crew handled the Enterprise VERY well, and it was a real pleasure keeping with USS Chaika for the duration of the race. We did, however, have an opportunity to pass them, but we had a problem with our spinnaker set. As we rounded the windward mark, the hoisting began and shortly afterwards, Foredeck Captain Dave yelled out "SET!"

But it wasn't.

Instead, the chute was only two-thirds up the mast and we had an hourglass so big that for a moment I thought I was watching Days of Our Lives in IMAX.

The amazing foredeck team quickly fixed the problem and we crossed the line in third place, correcting, not by much, into fourth. But, in many ways, this was a victory. Everything went smoothly and everyone was working well. Very proud of all of them.