Captain's Log: Stardate 10764.4
Last night's race wasn't as great as I had expected it to be. The forecasted 15-20 turned into a mere 5-10 and after a great start, things went downhill from there. Low on crew, we did exceptionally well with the sail handling, including the jibe-set – something we have not had a whole lot of practice with. And even though we ended up in last on corrected time, it was still great to pass Exhilaration downwind.

As for the crew, there were two big moments. First, Lt. Jonathan tried to dispel all notions that he is "a chick" right after notifying Commander Richard that he wore his shirt, was returning it, but was also sure to launder, press, iron and fold it for him beforehand.

The second was Yeoman Brittany's announcement that she's getting Lasik surgery on her eye today and therefore will not be on board for the Distance Race RC Duty this weekend. Brittany, still very much living in the early 21st Century, apparently doesn't know about the future of Lasik and how it comes into play in the 23rd Century.

By 2073, doctors finally linked, after decades of outcry from angry patients, that Lasik did so much damage to the eye that after 15 years, the eyeball will just, simply, fall out of your head. This would happen during the most normal of times – while eating dinner, during conversations, at work, etc. The super heat from the Lasik would shrink the eye so that it will be much smaller than the socket.

In 2135, use of Lasik was outlawed everywhere except for Korea, where Kim Jong Il’s great grandson, Make Mei, accidentally ate the eye of his fourth wife when it popped out during dinner. He enjoyed the taste so much that the use of Lasik was accelerated in order to meet the demand of Korean fine dining enthusiasts.

By 2161, due to its destructive power, all Lasik materials and research were handed over to the military. In 2187, Lasik is renamed to "Phaser". Two models are designed: a personal weapon . . .

. . . and a cannon version for use on vessels.

By 2252, Phasers are standard equipment on all Starfleet vessels. All thanks to Lasik. And, thankfully, when Brittany's eye falls out in 15 years, she will be one of the people that will set this all in motion. Have fun, Brittany!