Captain's Log: Stardate 10768.2
Last night's race included two great pieces of news: First, we earned a throwout. Second, we won't be throwing out last night's race.

When we arrived at the Enterprise, we all really thought there wouldn’t be a race at all. The wind speed was reading all of 2 and there were barely any ripples on the water. And, I personally began to doubt the crew even wanted to race as I noticed bottles of wine being stored below along with cheese, hummus, salami, tortilla chips, dip, Corona beer, and a Styrofoam cooler filled with sushi (the last time the boat smelled this much like fish, I think Laura was still on the crew.) I didn't know whether to prep the boat for racing or open up a specialty waterfront bodega.

But, as we powered out to the starting area, the breeze picked up and the food will have to wait. The weather was looking perfect and our division aggressively pushed for position on the starting line – so much so, that we were all pushing us all over the line and for the first time in all my years in EBYRA, we had a General Recall. And so we went at it again, the second time not that much different from the first – very tight, very close to the edge, but at least the committee could see that only one boat was over – USS Exhilaration. Unfortunately for Captain Walasek, they couldn't turn back to restart right away because they were sandwiched between us and USS Chaika.

We did a quick tack to get out of Chaika's bad air (Richie Coar ate a burrito earlier – pee-uuu) and then tackded back, choosing the left side of the course, hoping to catch more breeze as it whipped around the edge of Kings Point. The crew tacked the boat with pure expertise and the tactic paid off - big time. The Enterprise was the first, by quite a bit, to round the windward mark.

The wind direction called for a jibe set and the maneuver went like clockwork. The wind was getting lighter and shifting a bit, so we chose to go left again, hoping to catch the header off the Throgs Neck Bridge. And again, it all paid off. We were, without a doubt, kicking ass. Until –

Two barges, running two different directions, put our tactic to the side in favor of a little thing called survival. I tried to tell the crew that they were simply barges and that we were a starship, but they didn't seem to think it mattered. And, when the shields were non-responsive and we couldn't get the photon torpedoes online, jibing seemed like the only solution left.

Boy, do we need to practice our jibes. Our jibe was uglier than a holiday weekend in Missouri. And, because of that and jibing too early because of the barge traffic, we let The Terrorist get by us. Nevertheless, it was a great feeling sailing across the finish line ahead of Chaika. In the dark, I yelled out our ship’s name and sail number, and for the benefit of the committee alone due to their dark hull, I hailed that it was Chaika behind us.

And again, I repeated, even louder, that it was Chaika behind us, just for the benefit of the committee. At least that’s my story and I'm sticking to it.

We returned to the mooring and out came the wine, the food and the ship's speakers blasting Creedence Clearwater Revival's "There’s a bathroom on the right" on WCBS-FM. The night was incredible! Captain Dave, Yeoman Brittany and Crewman Kenny decided to stay on board for a while the rest of us got on the launch, but, at the last minute, Kenny decided not to be, as he put it, "the meat in that sandwich" and made a bold leap for the launch – right onto, and through, the Styrofoam cooler. He couldn't have hit it better if he were aiming for it.

All systems are go for this weekend's Captain's Island Race. The season aint over yet!