Captain's Log: Stardate 10770.1
It’s certainly a shame that last night marked the end of this year’s Wednesday Night Race Series. Not only because it means that the season is coming to a close, but mostly because I got to see the crew of the Enterprise perform, once again, like a well-oiled machine. With Commander Richard and Crewman Kenny out “jewing it up” by attending services and blowing shofars (Happy New Year,) the balance of the crew worked diligently to give us a first place start, a first place windward mark rounding and a very close finish. And, it certainly wasn’t easy between the darkness on the water and the jibe set I ordered (which turned out to be a mistake when the wind shifted soon after we rounded.)

What’s left? The Fall Series, which we’re doing committee for, and the Charity Cup, for which the crew will band together and help to raise money for Ronald McDonald House charities. It’s one thing to do something you love (racing,) but it’s even more when you can combine it with something good for people less fortunate than ourselves. Details coming soon.

I’ll also work on scheduling a family-fun day on the water before it gets chilly. And, lastly, I’ll need some help getting the boat prepped for winter storage (sigh) this October.

After finishing the race last night, the crew celebrated by drinking two bottles of wine and eating a bountiful assortment of cheeses, salami, cookies and Zoraida’s home-made brownies. Ensign Zoraida was one again pretty much out of commission last night with a broken middle finger, which she hurt in what she called a “Bisexual Accident” – though she might have said “Bicycle” – it was windy and I couldn’t hear well.

All in all though, it was a great year. I’ll be thinking about commendations and promotions over the next few days. Certainly most are deserving.

Lastly, for next year, and at the request of Ensign Zoraida and Yeoman Ellen, I need to think about updating the uniforms for the women on board. Apparently the two of them are not happy with my (expensive) crew shirts and we had a sit-down to discuss something that would be more “their style.” I think we finally agreed on a burgundy sports bra (with the Starfleet delta logo on the left breast, of course) and a burgundy spandex mini-skirt with the words “How’s your photon torpedo?” written along the back. The look could be finished off with black thigh-high go-go boots (complete with cushioning so they don’t get black and blue on their legs any more) with stiletto heels fashioned to include deck-shoe material on the bottom (we don’t want them slipping.) I’ll get to work on that.