Captain's Log: Stardate 10777.0
This past weekend, the Enterprise competed in the Port Washington Yacht Club Charity Cup, a regatta to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. And, even though I have yet to see the results, I am proud to say that crew of the Enterprise raised over $1,300 in donations for this great cause that provides food, shelter and counseling for families with children in hospitals.

Now, if I can only find a charity that buys headsails for sailboats.

I think we took a second or third in the event, which felt more like an August Day Race than any type of Fall event. The winds were up and down, shifted over 90 degrees, and temps shot into the high 80’s. Ensign Zoraida, never checking the weather, was expecting last year's conditions, showing up with two shirts and heavy long pants. Long before starting, the second shirt was off, the pants were rolled up to her knees and her crew shirt was knotted up to expose her abs. Can I get some butter with those rolls?

The crew performed amazingly well, including during a very unorthodox spinnaker douse/jibe which, had conditions been windier, could have spelled disaster for the chute, the pole, and Captain Dave on the foredeck. Though I doubt I'll ever ask for that again, it did enable us to pass some boats.

Extra thanks to Lt. Commander Mitch, Lt. Jonathan (who came on board with a lime-green purse) and Crewman Kenny for their constant adjustment of sail trim during those legs where we weren't tacking or jibing. It certainly felt great flying into Manhasset Bay towards the finish line at a steady Warp 7.

Unfortunately, this race also marked our final event of the season, with plans to decommission the Enterprise for Winter storage set for next weekend and the one after. So, it would be proper to do my annual review of the crew, noting commendations and field promotions (Can you give a field promotion on the water?)

Captain Dave, once again, has been nothing short of amazing. If I could promote him further, I would, but at this point, he'd have to get his own starship. He has been instrumental in every maneuver and knows the front of the boat better than the designers, and has a way of making the work he does up there seem easy, when we all know it's not. He's one of a very short list I would trust running the boat without me on board and continues to earn our respect as First officer and Captain of Foredeck.

Commander Richard, with a very impressive Wednesday Night attendance but still can't seem to get away for a weekend event, has earned a commendation for his performance this year. His help with ship's systems has been invaluable and those little push-LED lights were a real life saver.

Commander Jory returned to us this year and I'm proud to say at an almost full-time capacity. He respects the rules on board and for the first time ever, did not puke during the Around Long Island. Unfortunately, we were expecting to use his projectile vomiting as an extra ounce of propulsion, hence our finish in Third Place rather than Second. Note to galley: Next ocean-racing meal is to be beef stew and lima bean casserole.

Lt. Commander Mitch, whether trimming the spinnaker or providing salami to the crew, has been essential to Enterprise racing once again this year. He wants to learn more and become better and better at racing and will do everything he can from discussing main sail trim with Lt. Jonathan to reviewing the TRIM CD-Rom from North Sails to hiring a coach to come out and race with us next season. Best of all, he gets others charged up into learning more as well. We can see the difference in the way the boat has performing.

Lt. Jonathan, a/k/a Frodo, is right on Mitch's heels in terms of willingness to learn and productivity. In fact, no Enterprise crewperson has ever increased in rank so quickly in such a short period of time. Last year he was a first-timer. Now, he has become crucial to racing the boat. Aside from working the pit with true expertise, he has also been a source of extra clothing for the women on board and a frequent provider, and advertiser, of Nutella. He's taken the brunt of comments this year and has worked his way back from being called a "chick" earlier this season in the log (but the lime-green purse did set him back a bit again.) Nevertheless, he's an excellent sailor, a fine Starfleet officer and a good friend.

Lt. Kurt, much like Richard, was around a lot on Wednesdays, but wouldn't know a weekend on the water if it were to save his life. Still, I'm amazed with a job on the West Coast, a live-in Mother-in-law and three kids that he was able to make it as much as he did. I must admit, I wasn't expecting much out of Kurt this year, but he surprised us all. And, apparently, his body is beefy enough in the sewer for Dave. Make your own joke there.

Ensign Zoraida spent most of the season on the disabled list between arthritis and her bisexual accident. Still, she came when she could, complete with carry-on luggage (that she never stowed in the overhead compartments) and was a frequent provider of cookies, brownies and, most importantly, smiles for the crew. Hopefully next year, she'll keep her hand from places where it doesn't belong and will be active again.

June's attendance this year has been perfect – available for every Wednesday and weekend. Additionally, June has taken on more responsibilities and has been instrumental in providing us with some new crew. She, like Mitch and Jonathan, has taken the time to learn more and more in order to be a better sailor. She even scored an impressive 99% on the keelboat certification quiz – just don't ask her to turn on the steaming light. It is therefore my pleasure to promote June from Yeoman to Ensign effective immediately.

Brittany was one of our new recruits this year, jumping straight to the foredeck. Her previous experience on board USS Eagle and her go-get-them attitude has found her a home on board the Enterprise and we hope she will stay for years to come. She was a tremendous help to Dave on the foredeck and I can see her running the foredeck herself (or with a new trainee) in the future years to come. While her weekend attendance was spotty, based on her previous experience on Eastchester Bay and her performance on foredeck on the Enterprise, she also receives a promotion to Ensign, effective immediately.

Ellen is another new addition to the crew that has quickly found her place on board. Whether it's expert timing on the release of the jib, bringing boxes of wine for the crew, firing starting cannons at convicts, or receiving reflexology massages under water on light air days, she's been a real contributing factor to the team. Ellen has expressed a real interest in learning tactics and has also been a tremendous help in repairing ship's systems, including the newly-operational automatic and electric bilge pumps. She is therefore awarded a promotion to the rank of Ensign, effective immediately.

We haven’t seen much of Crewman Brad this year, but getting married and starting up a business during sailing season will do that to a crewman. Apparently, he needs to work on his priorities. Nevertheless, Brad was on board for our only victory of the season and promises more availability for next year.

Kenny also had a spotty attendance record, often text-messaging me that he wasn't going to make it a few minutes ahead of stat time. Still, when Kenny was on board, the boat ran better. And, during Richard’s absences, he would do an amazing impression of "you're pinching" and "we should think about getting the jib out" just so the Enterprise crew wouldn't feel like something was missing. Thankfully he hadn't taken it to the next level of calling bad tactics, hitting rocks or sending us to the wrong course. And, I'm told that just after one day on board the Enterprise, Kenny's father, Larry, now calls off boat speed in Warp Factor, rather than knots. Kenny is in no way expendable, but without a Kenny on board we know that there's no way we can ever say "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" followed by "You bastards!" so it is with that all in mind that I hereby promote Kenny to the rank of Ensign effective immediately.

Finally, this log entry marks the transfer of the following crew off the Enterprise: Ensign Bill, Yeoman Phaedra and Crewman Mike. At last word, the three of them were captured by Klingons and are now mining dilithium on a penal asteroid. We wish them the very best of luck in whatever they do and remind them that even though they may no longer be Enterprise crew, they should still keep in mind our prime directive: Wherever you go, go boldly.