Captain's Log: Stardate 10824.4
Spring has finally sprung and our thoughts once again turn to exploring strange new worlds on board the Enterprise, all starting from our new starbase, the Morris Yacht and Beach Club. It was unfortunate, but for several reasons, it was time to say farewell to City Island YC after roughly 12 years.

How do we celebrate the beginning of Spring and the approach of another sailing season on a Saturday? By going to the car show, of course! So, Captain Dave, Ensign Ellen and myself took the shuttlecraft to the Jacob Javits Center (after paying extraordinary parking rates – guys, we really need to get that transporter working!)

To say that the car show was crowded would be like saying Eastchester Bay is wet. I think the entire population of New York City was packed into that building – so much so that I heard FDR drive went up 12 feet in elevation. Still, with the lease on the shuttlecraft up in less than a year, it was a good time to scout around and see what’s out there.

Ellen seemed to be very interested in protecting the planet, so she only paid attention to Hybrids and cars with mileage ratings of 40 or above. Dave and I, on the other hand, looked at Hummers, GMC Trucks and super-cool concept cars that looked like they belong with us in the 23rd Century. I haven’t finalized a decision yet on the new shuttlecraft, but I'm torn between either another Nissan Pathfinder LE or the GMC Arcadia SLT2.

Then again, the Aston Martin DB9 Volante looked nice, but it may take a whole summer to get the cushions back to the boat in trips back and forth from Tarrytown. That, and I could buy four Arcadias for the price of one Volante, but hey, it's good to dream.

We got back to the parking lot and Ellen, apparently frustrated with the time it took for an attendant to get our parking ticket, asked how one goes about getting service. Though, being from the Bronx, it came out loud and in the least amount of syllables. Something like: "Hey! How do-we gedoudda here!?"

Dave remarked that this could be a new trend of opening up lines of communication on the boat while racing. "Hey! How do we gedda spinnaker raised around here!?" or "Hey! How do we gedda centerboard lowered here?" or "Hey, how do we pass Chaika here?"

At least today was something a little more boating oriented. Lt. Kurt, Ensign Ellen and I did some work on the new EBYRA Committee Boat. Wow. It needs some work. But I think we’ll be on track with getting it ready in time for racing.

Kurt did mention at one point, after when trying to sand some wood, broke it to pieces, that the first ones to do committee on this boat is going to have quite an adventure waiting for them. Um, guess what, guys….

We'll be fine. Stay tuned. Racing Schedule coming soon!