Captain's Log; Stardate 10836.1
This past weekend, several members of the Enterprise crew met at our new Starbase, the Morris Yacht and Beach Club, to prepare the Enterprise for departure.

Captain Dave, our chief engineer, went straight to work on changing the oil and filter in the Enterprise's impulse drive, assisted by his two able-bodied assistants, Danny and David. So eager to help in the process, little Danny and David tested the lifelines, hull integrity, and, on their own, decided to lubricate the bridge with the old oil to the point where sections of the deck looked like the Exxon Valdez. Apparently, Danny and David knew how much I like everyone to move quickly on the bridge, just misunderstanding the application. All clean now – thanks Dave.

Commander Mitch was put to work on the EBYRA committee boat, Favored End, assisting PRO Eben Hasmire in applying the blue bottom paint. Thankfully, despite the temporary renaming of Mitch to "Papa Smurf" and questions like "Aww, Mitch, why are you so blue?," Mitch can be thankful that he won't have seaweed or barnacles growing on him for many months.

While Lt. Jonathan, Ensign Ellen and Ensign June stowed gear and put the sails on the deck, I went to Morris' Yardmaster, Glenn, to plead for the Enterprise's launch, which suddenly became questionable. We were second in line and the first was taking some time . . .

In an act of sheer desperation, I sent Lt. Jonathan to talk to Glenn, figuring Jonathan would talk, network, nag and threaten to show pictures of him dancing in an elf costume if the Enterprise didn't get launched in time.

And it was only a few minutes later, while we dined at Tony's Pier Restaurant, that I said, "Hey, is that the Enterprise?" Sure enough, a lone mast towering above the trees and roofline was moving steadily towards the water (a little too quickly for my comfort.) The crew quickly finished their meal and ran towards the club to find the Enterprise in the slings and ready to splash down.

And, in a few moments, the Enterprise was floating, tied to the Morris dock and we were aboard. I did a quick look around, making sure all systems were functioning and the bilge was dry. I crossed my fingers, turned on main power, smiled as I watched the system lights on the panels glow, and headed towards the bridge to start up the impulse engine. This would be the first time this year the Enterprise would be under her own power. Trying not to get caught up in the moment, I could not help but feel pride and honored by the friends around me who put so much work in over the last month. This was a moment to behold. This was a defining moment. This would be the beginning of a season. This is where a ship becomes a starship. This is where the name Enterprise means intrepid, bold, courageous. I turned the key.

Nothing. Fuck!

I sent some crew to find an operator to tow the Enterprise to her mooring while Dave and I traced the problem, which was clearly electrical. We tripped and re-engaged a few circuit breakers and there was life -- for a moment. We then did it again and the ignition sequence came back on. In a few moments, impulse power was on, pumping water and charging the systems. Yes!

And under her own power, the Enterprise went to the mooring field and established orbit next to the USS Tolo. It has begun. The season is here. A starship is reborn. The flagship of the United Federation of Planets, the USS Enterprise, is ready to explore. I was once again proud. Once again honored to be around these people who worked so hard. It was time, as Captain, to say a few words. To show my appreciation. To motivate for the season ahead. Tell them how we are the best. Tell them how we are bold. Tell them this is the year where it all comes together.

Then I fell on the foredeck onto my ass.

So, all that came out was: "OK. Let's get out of here. See you Wednesday, guys." Sailing season has begun!