Captain's Log: Stardate 10836.9
Last night, the crew of the Enterprise jumped on board Favored End, EBYRA's new (new to us anyway) race committee boat to do our duty for Race 1 of the Wednesday Night Race Series. On board was myself, Captain Dave, Commander Mitch and Ensigns Zoraida, Ellen, June and Brittany along with Eben the PRO, Diana and Chaika's Richie Coar.

Favored End, a outdrive boat with no reverse, was a challenge but performed well under the circumstances. She has a top speed of Warp 8, but we noticed Richie and Diana kept attempting to take us to transwarp velocity by constantly lighting cigarettes on board the gasoline fume-filled vessel. One good boom, and we'd go from Eastchester Bay to Rockaway Inlet in less than a second.

For a while there, it seemed like we were going to be a light crew. Ensign Brittany missed the first shuttle, but called to tell us to wait because she was bringing the wine and cheese, Captain Dave was MIA, and Ensign Ellen was stuck on the non-moving Hutchinson Parkway for over an hour experiencing so much road rage that we're happy her car isn't armed with phasers. Thankfully everyone made it and it was really great to see everyone back on the water.

The racing went fine and on time. And, only for a brief moment during a temporary wind shift was Favored End the, well, favored end. The crew watched the starts and hopefully picked up some pointers from what they saw. Most impressive was Andiamo who, for some reason, was over three minutes late at the start and then passed most of the fleet on the course. Well done Paulie!

In the dark, and at the request of Eben, I got a chance to helm Favored End and bring her around the Big Tom asteroid to her mooring. Not an easy boat to pilot by any means, and, after trying to keep it straight and do a mooring landing without reverse, I cant wait to be back on the helm of the Enterprise. Or, any boat with a keel and rudder. Wow.

We went to the Snug for dinner and drinks afterwards, enjoying our new freedom to dine where we like after each race. A truly great night, but I can't wait to sail on Saturday and then compete in Race 2 on board the Enterprise with the finest crew in the fleet.