Captain's Log: Stardate 10838.8
Last night marked our first race of the year and I must admit, after checking the wind and weather reports before leaving my office, I was a tad nervous. The Kings Point weather buoy was reporting 22 with gusts up to 35. Not exactly the conditions I wanted to be tacking and setting a chute in with a team that hasn't raced in six months.

When we arrived, the wind clocked down to the mid teens and I was far more at ease. Still, just to play it safe, we went with the old chute. Missing for the first night was Commander Jory, Crewman Brad and Lt. Kurt, who, now that he is working in New York City and still living on Long Island, has a much bigger incentive to get the transporter working. We'll know he's ready when we start hearing a report about a mother-in-law falling asleep in Port Washington and waking up in Mexico City, moments later to see all her belongings, except a passport of course, materialize next to her.

Lt. Jonathan, who will be missing the next two races due to some god-awful excuse, reports that he'll be sending out a new crewperson who knows a little bit about sailing and is named Rocky. Rocky! Rocky! Yes! Someone with real power to get those sheets in. Yet, somehow, I don't think we'll be getting someone like this:

But probably more someone like this:

Oh well, at least it'll be easy to send someone up the mast.

Back to last night's breeze -- Despite assurances from all sources, the winds did not stick around and shifted about 100 degrees over the course of our race. As rusty as we were, I was very impressed with the sail handling performance of the crew in very challenging and frustrating conditions. And, a special thank you goes out to Glenn Vitaglione who hitched a ride with us and ended up teaching the mainsail team a thing or two about mainsail shape downwind.

We finished in third and then headed out to the Snug, a local City Island bar where men are men and women wished they were. The food was great and it was a pleasure watching Ensign Ellen hustle the rest of the crew in a game of darts. Just amazing to see her con them all with phrases like "A triple? Is that good?" and "Are you sure it's right to play for money with me being such a beginner?"