Captain's Log: Stardate 10840.7
When we got to the Enterprise last night, the winds were almost non-existent and we were all beginning to believe that a canceled race was in our immediate future. But, as luck would have it, we saw some darker water coming in from the south a few minutes before the first warning signal and by the time 7:05 hit, Eastchester Bay had wind!

Our start was less than perfect, mainly due to the inability to get travel time figured out because of the increasing wind conditions, but the shifts made our pin-end start and journey down the left side of the course into an advantage - rounding the first windward mark with the fleet in great position.

Which brings us to the first spinnaker set of the night, which went so badly that I think our website's ranking for the search term "Spinnaker Clusterfuck" will be moving from #2 on Google to the top of the list. The guy was never pre-fed and the spinnaker was apparently stuck in the cabin. Glenn Vitaglione, on board again last night, was trying to pull the pole back so hard that I was worried the bow would come loose. And, it appears that while on foredeck, Ensign Brittany found it much easier to drop F-Bombs (and one reported Mother F-bomb) than raise the spinnaker pole. Then came the first jibe, which went about as badly as an unscripted George Bush speech.

Ensign June did her best running the pit with Ensign Kenny, but Lt. Jonathan's absence was felt. Add to that comments like "Edd, I broke the boat" (a jam cleat on the mast is history) and "You got a hole in your spinnaker now" had me on the verge of tears. We really need to work on this stuff.

Things had to get better. Before the second rounding, we had a little fun with the Klingon Battlecruiser Forza, by giving them just enough room at the mark and remaining close to distract them enough to ruin their takedown and, within seconds, send them into our distant wake, never to be seen again. That was great!

But the crew wanted more. So, we worked hard going upwind, made some great tactical moves and had a PERFECT spinnaker set around the last mark. Cruising beautifully at speeds over Warp 6, we passed another boat on the final leg to finish in second place for the evening. Fantastic! Boxed wine for everyone!

Plans for racing on Saturday have been canceled due to SIC crew and weather forecasts. I'll be deciding shortly about either racing on Sunday or spending the day fixing what broke last night along with other minor repairs around the Enterprise.