Captain's Log: Stardate 10843.7
This past weekend, the more-dedicated members of the Enterprise crew joined together for the year's "pinnacle of WLIS," the City Island Cup. We didn't have enough personnel to run the Enterprise in its full capacity, which had me wondering about whether or not to continue a weekend racing program - perhaps people don't like to sail and race as much as I do. Even Lt. Kurt opted for root canal over racing on Saturday.

Even still, we were going to go non-spinnaker and try to give Artie on Snow Goose a run for his money and do our best to crush someone we'll just refer to as "Chester".

As we dropped the mooring on Saturday morning and started to leave orbit, and one person less than we expected, we began to decide crew positions. Then came the voicemails. Ensign Brittany was on her way, calling from the Bx29 bus and well over a half hour late. With the starting sequence scheduled to begin in just a few minutes, I suggested she give the launch driver buckets of money and beg him to take her out to the starting area.

A few minutes later, Captain Pat's small fishing boat was heading out our way with Brittany on board. More on that later.

The wind for the first race was unbearably light, but we made the best of it with expert sail handling. The subsequent races for that day and the next had more breeze (except for some crazy moments at the windward mark for Race 3, where the northerly and westerly were battling it out, causing us to tack five times without changing course) and the Enterprise crew, for the most part, had found their groove. I say "for the most part" with this conversation in mind that took place during a downwind/reaching leg:

Brittany: June, can you swing dance?
June: Yes.
Ellen: Wow. With the Big Band sound and everything?
June: Big Band is more foxtrot. Swing dancing is usually Jazz.
Brittany: And you can foxtrot too?
June: Yes.
Brittany: Wow June. Is there anything you can't do?
Edd: Trim main.

Nevertheless, I'm happy to report that we took three "guns" out of four races, correcting into second place for the series. Another trophy for the case -- nice! A job well done by all.

After the second day of racing, we went to Stuyvesant Yacht Club for some great food (the food at CIYC the day before was downright horrible) and a birthday cake provided by Ensign Ellen celebrating my 42nd anniversary on the planet.

Ensigns Brittany and June, determined not to return home on the subway, began working the crowd for Manhattanites with cars. We're still not quite sure how Britt was able to get a fisherman to motor her out to the starting area or how she was able to convince some guy named "Nils" to give her and June a ride home, but Ensign Ellen did report her kneepads were missing from her crew bag.

And, as a follow up to the above, I received a subspace message from Ensign June late last night that Nils' car broke down (out of gas) on the FDR near 106th Street. So, just to make sure I have this right, a single guy from another country offers two single women a ride in his car only to "run out of gas" in a bad neighborhood so they have to stay close to him. What a stroke of genius! The perfect plan. Except I think I saw it in a movie way back when. And the part of Nils was played by Ron Jeremy.

In all seriousness, though, I'm happy to hear they pushed the car in the rain and were able to get a gallon of gas from a station on First Avenue, making it home safely after a long delay.

All in all, a great way to spend my birthday weekend. Great racing. Great friends. And, we got to stimulate the economy through vast purchases of bottled water and sunblock.