Captain's Log: Stardate 10844.5
Last night, the crew of the Enterprise was joined by Captain Ron LeNeve of North Sails to show us a thing or two about trimming our main and our jib. Most everyone was on board, all very eager to ask questions, watch and learn. Personally, I was very happy that the crew didn't start quoting things like "Whatever you say boss" or "If anything is gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there" or any other Captain Ron-isms.

Late once again was Lt. Flaks, who seems to be having trouble calculating the time it takes to carry the One Ring through Gondor and Rohan only to toss it into the fire pits of Mount Doom in Mordor, then make it to City Island by 6:30pm.

Jonathan, Sauron and Gandalf can wait, the Flagship of the Federation cannot.

Our start would have been great had the wind not shifted last minute, but we did exceptionally well upwind and had a kick-ass first spinnaker set, putting us in great position and making the bow team of Captain Dave and Ensign Brittany cocky enough to think the second would automatically go just as well. With two boat lengths to go to the second windward mark, the chute came out of the hatch and dragged several gallons of Western Long Island Sound. Still, on hoisting, the shower did feel good, especially after several days of intense heat around the tri-state area.

Meanwhile, Ensign Ellen, who is very upset at the amount of black-and-blue marks on her legs and after bleeding all over the warp controls with a cut finger, has petitioned Star Fleet to reconstruct the Enterprise's bridge out of entirely foam rubber. With the total costs in mind, Star Fleet instead decided on a new crew uniform for Ensign Ellen:

The finish of the race was not as great as we had hoped, despite the increased level of concentration and participation for Captain Ron's benefit. As Lt. Commander Mitch pointed out in a subspace message this morning, a 3% increase in speed would have put us in second, and an 8% increase would have put us in first -- demonstrating that this crew has the ability to be number one in something other than "spinnaker clusterfuck" on Google. We can do it. I was very proud at the effort everyone put in last night.

We learned quite a bit and I am sure that the crew is eager to put that new knowledge to use for next Wednesday's race and beyond.