Captain's Log: Stardate 10846.4
After a crazy day at work sending out over 15,000 emails (really), I just realized that I never finished drafting my log entry covering last night's events on (and off) the Enterprise. So, it is now, while I'm "decompressing" listening to the latest Coldplay album (it's really good) that I'm finishing it up.

Last night began with several of the Enterprise crew not sure where to gaze -- the dark skies in the distant north, the "Michelin Man" pants fashioned by Ensign Ellen or how Ensign Brittany's hair was reacting to the humidity - "frizzy" just doesn't do that justice.

We went out to the starting area and got the Enterprise ready only to see the dark clouds head our way. The last time I saw clouds like that, with dark dropping fingers that were swirling, parts of Westchester County were destroyed by a tornado (also on a Wednesday night -- see Stardate 10653.2). The lightning was putting on quite a show as well and we decided to take everything down and head back to orbit -- just to be safe.

The system blew past us leaving some clearing skies and two rainbows -- no wonder Kings Point has so much money. That pot of gold was right at the shoreline. With the wind filling in nicely, we saw the committee boat setting up to get something going, so we went back out and rigged the Enterprise for action in record time. Our start was perfect and there we were, leading the small fleet to the first mark at a steady Warp 5. Felt amazing!

And because we didn't have to tack to get to the first mark, the committee (rightfully, but painfully so) canceled the races for the evening. What a shame. We had them. We had them all.

We headed back to Starbase to enjoy the many munchies made available by Brittany and the usual box of wine provided by our Wine Procurement Officer, Ensign Ellen. But, Ensign Brittany's food offerings came with a price and out in the dark, late at night, she shared the news. Any later, and I'd feel like Willie Randolph.

Turns out Ensign Brittany is taking a one-month leave of absence while she crews on another ship destined for the Canary Islands. After some research on the Internet, I was quite surprised to learn that the Canary Islands are the leading area for the most serious of sailing incidents and boating-related deaths.

OK - I made that up. We'll miss you Britt. I'll forget the foredeck is there without the constant stream of laughter. Hurry back.