Lt. Jonathan Flaks Personal Log: Stardate 10842.2
I miss my wife and my family so very much. After my recent multiple away missions, I'm going to ask the Captain to return to Starbase to let me off so I can spend some time at home with my loved ones. I realize that the winds are 10-15 tonight with partly cloudy skies, providing for excellent racing conditions, and that my status on the Enterprise may be strained, but my loyalty and dedication to my family must be my top priority. For me it will always be family first, sailing second.

Captain's Log: Stardate 10842.6
Last night's Wednesday Night Race began with light winds and a missing start mark; and ended with the night's race being canceled. As soon as we got back to the mooring, Lt. Jonathan called the launch right way with some story about how he's going to tell his wife that he asked to be dropped off before we started putting time with her ahead of time with us racing. "She'll never know the race was canceled," he said while grabbing his gear. "She'll think I'm the greatest husband ever."

I wish the night went better. After a frustrating week of trying to line up crew and all the little details of this weekend's City Island Cup, I really needed a night of racing. But with averages at 3.2 with gusts around 6-7 coupled with the Race Committee’s calls about a missing start mark, the evening was doomed from the start.

Besides, did the Race Committee really expect me, after leaving me voice mails that the mark was missing, to say "No problem, guys, I have spares right here in the aft cabin. Do you want yellow, white or neon green? Oh, I'm out of 75-pound anchors. Do you want a 90-pounder or will a 50 do?"

Missing last night was Ensign Brittany, who apparently, before yesterday, was the only one at her school that didn't have a stomach virus - and was feeling so left out that she started drinking from the student's milk straws. Thankfully she chose praying to the porcelain god over puking on the foredeck.

Also missing was Ensign June, who fell down the steps last week and bruised a rib. At last report, she was on the Internet reading The Onion News, The Daily show, and The Borowitz Report, believing every word. A plot began to form on the Enterprise about making a fake Yankees News website and distributing a story about how Jeter and A-Rod were killed in a car crash or how Matsui was discovered to be a Japanese Gay porn star named "PokeMan" and that Steinbrenner was both upset and yet strangely aroused by the news.

And, closing in on what looks to be the end of his Starfleet career, Lt. Kurt has had still no luck in perfecting transporter technology making himself able to get from NYC to the Enterprise and then to Long Island. Kurt, please try cloning instead. That way you can be in two places at once.