Captain's Log: Stardate 10850.3
There's a new enemy in the quadrant, and a sneaky one at that. They wait until the crew is off watch, the weapons are stowed, the shields are down and main power is offline -- they then approach as friends until they hit you hard. No, I'm not talking about a new faction of Klingons, Romulans, Orion or Breen. It's the Morris Yacht Club launch drivers.

It's July already! Learn to drive the fucking launch!

From now on, tipping won't occur until I'm back at the dock and only if the crew and the Enterprise survive without incident. After that, I think we'll need to have an armed photon bucket torpedo standing by on the deck.

Last night's race started out to be an exciting event. Great breeze, great tacks, great spinnaker sets. We even had the Pope on board to guide us on currents and windshifts. But, on the last leg, the wind shut down completely and sealed our fate. An entire division didn't even get to finish.

We need to work on our procedures for downwind sail handling, especially the jibe. Captain Dave appears to have his hands full on the foredeck, and I know the pit team is doing their jobs, but somehow, some way, things are getting twisted, stuck and eventually (here we go again, Google) clusterfucked.

Still, with the way we've been sailing this year, we are seeing incredible improvements on board. The boat is sailing faster, we are making better decisions and we are, for the most part, very competitive with the leaders of the pack. Had the wind kept up last night, I'm positive we would have taken a second.

During our July 4th trip to Hempstead Harbor (Happy Birthday America!), I want to spend a little time with Dave and Zoraida on the foredeck to go over procedures and see if there's a better way we can do things.

Anyway, we finished last night in fourth, ahead of Breakaway, whose name finally makes sense. Last week, they tried to squeeze between us and the committee boat and last night, they ran over the leeward mark. We're going to have to keep an eye on them - they could be more dangerous than a launch driver.