Captain's Log: Stardate 10856.0
Knowing we'd be short on crew and with the multiple warnings about the severe thunderstorms looming, Commander Richard and I spent a good portion of time prior to the race on our respective iPhones checking the motion radar on various websites. I was on my new 16GB iPhone 3G and Richard was on the older, outdated, 8GB iPhone. Think holodeck vs. a school play production done by challenged first graders.

The storms looked to be passing to the far West of us with nothing major coming to our area until after 10:00pm. And, thanks to the return of Crewman Olivier and Lt. Kurt's ability to make it out (He got a ride home from his mommy and daddy -- such a good boy,) we had enough to give it a try.

We made some mistakes for sure, but all in all, with the lessened crew, we managed to get things to work and work well. Yes, our tacks were a little slow (I think Mitch is getting soft in his old age) and yes, our first spinnaker set (Jory couldn't get the pole up -- insert your own old-age joke here) and jibe (wow - the forestay acted as a guy) weren't close to textbook, but in the end, our speed - Warp 7.7 downwind - and teamwork led us to a first-place victory!

And it was while we crossed the finish getting the gun (or, in EBYRA's case, the horn) that I heard from the pit and the foredeck things like "Dave Who?" and "Jonathan Who?"

We got back to the mooring where boxed wine and cheese were served along with a special surprise cooked up by Ensign Ellen and myself straight out of the "Official Star Trek Cookbook", a gift given to me by Lt. Commander Mitch a few weeks back -- Sulu's Fortune Cookies. For those that didn't make it aboard last night, here are the fortunes:

- Wherever you go, go boldly.
- The Snug: Where men are men and women wished they were.
- One among you will be chosen to take the One Ring to the fire pits of Mount Doom.
- Mitch's sailbag: The final frontier.
- Sooner or later, someone's going to blow the black guy. Probably Jory.
- Eastchester Bay: Where No. 1 took a No. 2.
- Fordeck is for pussies. Real men belong in the cockpit. Why else would they call it a cockpit?
- A tall, dark stranger will come into your life. Ignore his pointed ears.
- Every once in a while, just fire phasers.
- To pinch upwind is not logical.
- A French fry's length isn't as important as its girth.
- Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a winch grinder.
- This fortune cookie was made with squid.
- Shh. Don't tell anyone. Your captain is a Trekkie.
- You will see Richard on a weekend race - yeah right.
- 2008 is a good year for boxed wine.
- Never fish on a race course.

The Enterprise is ready for this weekend's events, the Women Skippers Race and the Day Race. For Women Skippers, we spent some time trying to think of a name for our team of Women Skippers. Ideas included "Girl Power" and "The Adorable Admirals", but our official entry has been submitted as "The Spinnaker Pole Dancers".